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In-House Digital Panel

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Just like any part of your home, a swimming pool requires upkeep, and we all know that often means $$. But new energy-saving technologies are available, and there are also some simple “tricks” that every pool owner should use to help keep costs at bay. Here are the game-changers that our experts recommend:

Technology Upgrades

  • Upgrade to a new pump. A Variable Speed Safety Vacuum Release System (VS SVRS) is a potentially life-saving tool that protects against suction entrapment by detecting change in vacuum pressure. In a millisecond, the vacuum release is activated, the suction line is vented, and the pump is shut off automatically. It is also incredibly energy efficient and saves our customers money in utility costs by cutting energy significantly.
  • Install an automatic pool cover. It will keep heat in, keep debris out and add another layer of safety to your pool when it isn’t in use. Automatic covers are almost a no-brainer. They do require regular maintenance to keep them operating properly, but it is impossible to argue with the safety and money saving benefits.
  • Upgrade to a “Mod-media” filter. These new filters are more effective than traditional sand filters and they conserve water and chemicals by eliminating “backwashing”. Lots more info than can be covered in our blog, so contact our Service Team to learn more.
  • Switch to a Chlorine Generator. These are hugely popular right now (see our June 2012 blog entry) because they produce soft, “sting-free” water. There are upfront costs in the installation, but in the long term, you will significantly reduce the amount of money spent on sanitization chemicals.
  • Transition to a digital system. The Jandy computer systems that we install will bring all of your pool and lighting functions to one small panel that you can place anywhere in your home. Save energy and money by set heating and light timers to fit your pool usage.

Simple Tricks

  •  Don’t leave your pool heater running all week if you only swim on the weekends. Plan ahead and turn it on Thursday so that it reaches the desired temp by Saturday.
  • Point return jets downward. Heat rises off the top of the pool, so you want to make sure those jets are working efficiently to heat the pool uniformly. Added bonus:  if the heating jets are pointed in the direction the skimmers, they will help to move surface debris into the skimmer baskets more quickly!
  • Don’t stretch out your maintenance schedule. It may seem like a money-saver to space out service appointments, but it’s also a gamble. Storms, droughts, and bather load all impact pool performance. The fact is, the less frequently your pool is serviced the greater opening you leave for algae and other organisms to develop. And the cost to rid your pool of these nuisances will be far greater than regular cleaning.
  • Stick to standard Chlorine sticks and granular shock for sanitization. Chlorine Generators – often improperly referred to as “salt water pools” – As I mentioned above, theses are extremely popular, but they do come with an upfront cost. The end result in terms of sanitization is essentially the same, so, if you’re looking to save money in the short term, stick with what you know.

 About the author:

Tony has worked in the pool industry for over 20 years. He is a customer service manager and a design enthusiast specializing in renovations. He is an expert in finding creative ways to update older swimming pools.

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