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2018 made a huge splash for beautiful pool design trends. We’ve covered numerous topics to keep you updated on what’s hot in the world of pool design. From eco-friendly pools to smart pools, we’ll always bring you up to speed with the latest innovations. With 2018 winding down, we’re going to take a step back and look at some at some of the  greatest tips we’ve had to offer. Here are 5 of our best blogs from 2018!

1) Hardscape Trends of 2018

Want to add some visual flair to your backyard? Consider installing hardscape design that compliments your existing layout. Any option is guaranteed to make your backyard look attractive and elegant. From natural stone and water features, to fire pits and mosaic pathways,  you won’t regret making additions to your backyard that suit you best. You can have that perfect oasis right at home by installing or refurbishing your hardscape design. Have a day off? It’s time to relax in your backyard and feel like you’re on a tropical getaway.

2) How Pool Owners Can Reduce Swimming Pool Costs

We all know that having a pool offers some extraordinary summer fun. Yet owning and maintaining one is not a cheap endeavor. First off, invest in a pool cover to reduce chlorine dissipation and evaporation, which will replacement chlorine and water expenses. Secondly, you should invest in a pool pump to minimize possible damage and future refurbishing. Finally, keep in mind that your pool hardware should be properly maintained and cared for. Of course, we can go further, but following these three simple steps will go a long way in keeping your pool expenses manageable.

3) The Anatomy of a Pool

You jump in them, you splash in them,  you relax in them. But have you ever considered what goes into the making of a pool? For those of you struggling with the wide array of design options, you’ll want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable on the workings of a pool. Of course, the most important element is water.  Suction functions like skimmers and main drains help to keep your pool clean. In addition, your filtration system options include sand filters, diatomaceous filters, and cartridge filters. If you’re a pool owner, make sure you know the basics.

4) 5 Steps for Child Pool Safety

It’s a sight all too familiar: smiling children swimming, running around the pool, and having the time of their lives. But when it comes to children and pools, safety is of utmost importance.

For pool owners, once summer rolls around, their children will want to be right there not wasting any time while having fun. By following easy precautions, you can enable your children to have even more fun by keeping them safe around the pool. Some ways to do this include putting your child in swim lessons early, having them wear life vests or swimmies, and openly laying down pool rules that must be followed at all times. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your child happily swimming.

5 Steps For Child Pool Safety

5) What is a Smart Pool?

The smartphone age is truly changing the way we live. We’ve reached astounding levels of interconnectivity, such as being able remote control things like speakers through Smartphones. Now, we can even control our pools using Smartphones. By upgrading your pool, you can establish a Wi-Fi connection that allows your smartphone or tablet to adjust the lighting, temperature, and features of your pool, all from the touch of a finger. Having a smart pool offers perks that eliminate much of the heavy lifting. Want to lay back and enjoy the nice, cozy atmosphere? Simply adjust your pool lights from your device. Talk about relaxation!

Dive Into 2019

With the wealth of tips and advice we’ve provided on pools, we understand if you feel overwhelmed, especially as someone who is looking to install a pool for the first time. Don’t worry!  By examining your backyard carefully, as well as conducting appropriate research, you’ll be able to have your dream oasis in no time! Make 2019 the year you begin work on your luxury backyard living space. Need help installing your pool? Connect with Shoreline Pools today! Don’ forget to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more creative inspiration to customize your pool ahead of pool season.

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