What is a Smart Pool?

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Every pool owner wishes the season lasted longer, so why spend more time and effort maintaining your pool when you can invest in a smart pool? Instead of toiling away the hours balancing chemicals, adjusting temperatures and cleaning, you should utilize the latest technologies available on the market. By combining your smartphone with innovative pool technology, the experts at Shoreline Pools can simplify pool maintenance to the touch of a button.

Smart Pools Offer Smart Phone Capabilities

Whether installing or reconstructing your pool, you should consider upgrading your pool design to incorporate smart pool capabilities. With new Wi-Fi enabled products that connect to your smartphone, you can care for your pool from anywhere, at any time.  In addition, smart pool switches and smart pool monitors make your pool easier to care for, but also give your pool a cool factor sure to wow your guests. To make a pool smart, you can purchase hardware that will enable you to connect your pool to a smartphone app.

Benefits of Installing Smart Pool Switches

Automate parts of your pool maintenance and lighting by installing smart switches. Perhaps you have seen or heard about smart homes that allow you to control the lighting, temperature, or even the garage door of your home. With smart pool switches, you can extend this service to your pool as well.

Once installed, smart switches can operate your pool lighting and even set them on an automatic timer. You can control all functions through a variety of methods, including your smartphone, tablet, and desktop. Also, you can control your automatic swimming pool cover and pool heater using smart switches.

Smart Pool Monitors Provide Accurate Chemical Balance

Pool owners can purchase smart pool monitors such as phin and Sutro, to help manage chemical levels in their swimming pool. The device notifies the pool owner via smartphone of when its time to treat your pool. Smart Pool monitors also go as far as to monitor total hardness, alkalinity, ORP and free chlorine and cyanuric acid levels. The small device floats in your pool and connects to your Wi-Fi network and smartphone via Bluetooth, thus making it easy to monitor your pool from anywhere. Smart pool monitors take the guesswork out of proper pool care by providing accurate chemical proportions for balancing ph levels, tracking and dispensing important pool chemicals such as chlorine to keep your pool properly sanitized at all times, thus requiring less pool service.

Investing in Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cleaning your swimming pool is a hassle. With a high-performance robotic pool cleaner, it automatically cleans your pool on a daily basis, thus preventing many of the issues that lead to a disgusting pool. Pool owners will find that using robotic pool cleaners will require less frequent major cleanings, saving you that extra Saturday you’d otherwise spend with family and friends.

Robotic pool cleaners work by slowly traveling along the walls, floor, and steps of the pool. The small-sized device vacuums up any and all dust, dirt, algae, particles and other debris that has settled under the surface of the water, into a self-containing canister. With today’s technology, you can turn your robotic pool cleaner on and off using your smartphone. The robot is even programmed to calculate the size of your pool and pre-program the duration of the cleaning process.

Having a Pool Can Be Hassle Free

Pool season is never long enough, so why spend more time and effort maintaining your pool when you can invest in a smart pool? By automating your pool maintenance and lighting, not only will your luxury pool be clean and pristine, you will be the talk of the community. For residents living in Connecticut and New York, discover how you can install a smart pool by contacting a highly rated and professional pool service center near you today! Enjoy more creative backyard design ideas by subscribing to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ.

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