The Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

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Whether you own an above ground or in-ground pool, having a pool cover is essential. Pool covers cut the amount of water evaporation, prevent debris from falling into your pool, and prevent any accidents. Furthermore, did you know that there’s a way to save money and help the environment at the same time with one specific type of pool cover? That’s right, solar pool covers are a great way not only naturally heat your pool, but to prevent water evaporation and reduce your energy costs. Read on to learn all the benefits of owning a solar pool cover!  

What is a Solar Pool Cover? 

A solar pool cover looks different than a traditional pool cover. They might resemble bubble wrap, but they actually act as incredibly powerful tools. Normally made from a polymer or resin, the bubbles within the cover capture the heat and keep it in the cover. These covers are also available in different sizes and shapes, making them able to fit over any type of swimming pool. With this type of cover, the captured heat will keep your pool’s water warm without the use of a heater. By not using a heater, you’re lowering energy costs as well as preventing the loss of water and chemicals through evaporation. While solar pool covers look similar to bubble wrap, they come with many benefits!    

Exploring the Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover 

From reducing your energy bill to keeping more water inside your swimming pool to acting as a natural heater, there are many positive benefits to solar pool covers! If you’re thinking about getting a solar pool cover, here are some additional benefits you’ll experience:  

1. Reduce Your Energy Costs 

Solar pool covers are an energy efficient choice! Because it uses the heat from the sun to heat the pool water, there’s no need to install a pool heater and spend extra money on high gas or electric bills. Secondly, solar pool covers are an environmentally friendly option because they use renewable energy instead of running a pool heater for an extended period. Overall, getting a solar pool cover is a great way to both save money on your electricity bill and create an environmentally friendly pool! 

2. Preserve Water 

Have you noticed in previous summer seasons that you’re filling up your pool with water often? Because of high temperatures and not putting a cover over your pool at the end of the day, the water evaporates and lowers the amount that’s inside your swimming pool. Alternately, using a solar pool cover reduces water evaporation by 95%! The material within the solar pool cover acts as a barrier between the atmosphere and the water inside your swimming pool, stopping the evaporation process. Keep your water costs low this summer and spend more time enjoying your pool! 

3. Increase Temperature of the Water 

Next, solar pool covers naturally increase the temperature of your pool water. They work to keep your pool water warm without running a pool heater throughout the season. In this process, the heat from the sun’s UV rays sits within the bubbles inside the cover. Then, the trapped heat goes into the swimming pool. Depending on how large the bubbles within the solar pool cover are, the cover’s color, and how much sunlight hits your swimming pool, the temperature can increase by about 15 degrees. Make sure the bubbles within the solar pool cover face down on the water’s surface for proper usage of your solar pool cover.  

4. Minimal Chemical Usage 

Since solar pool covers slow down the evaporation process, you won’t need to replace the chemicals that escaped. By using a solar pool cover, the chemicals will not evaporate, which prevents you from needing to add more to maintain your pool’s proper chemical balance. These pool covers reduce your pool’s chemical consumption by 60%! Without using a large amount of chemicals within your swimming pool, you’re preventing any skin or eye irritation for swimmers.   

Install a Solar Pool Cover Today! 

A solar pool cover is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly addition to make to your backyard swimming pool. By reducing your energy costs from not using a pool heater to heating your pool’s water to keeping more water and chemicals inside your pool, you can fully enjoy your poolside experience!  

The pool experts at Shoreline Pools are ready to answer any questions about finding the right pool cover for your swimming pool! For more information, dial 203-357-1544 to learn more about Shoreline’s pool cover service.  

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