The Do’s and Don’ts to Swimming with Pets

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Swimming with your furry friends is a fun way for everyone to cool off and enjoy your pool during the summertime. However, there are safety risks that come with swimming with your pets. The Shoreline Pools team is passionate about pool safety and fun, so we came up with a list of best practices for enjoying the water safely with your pets!

DO Supervise Your Pet in the Pool

Parents know to supervise their children near a pool but often forget about their pets. You do not want your pet to knock a small child into the pool. Dogs like to play with their owners while in the water and may scratch or muckle onto a swimmer. It can be scary and dangerous when a dog jumps right onto you while you are swimming. Giving your dog a life vest, training it to stay away from swimmers, and having an adult supervise will ensure everyone remains safe.

DO Teach Your Pets How to Swim, or Give Them a Flotation Device

If your pet is new to swimming, they might need some extra assistance to gain confidence in the water. To help your pets learn, provide a life vest until they can keep themselves afloat without any aid. If you have a pet that cannot swim but enjoys being in the water, use a pool noodle, mat, or tube to allow them to enjoy the cool water.

Add a pet ramp or separate set of stairs exclusively for your pets. Completing this critical step makes it easier for your fur babies to enter and exit the pool without fear of your guests tripping over a wet dog bolting up the steps.

DO Play Games

One of the joys of owning a dog is throwing a toy into the pool and watching them jump in the water to catch it. Invest in your dog’s (or other pets) favorite tennis balls and water toys to keep them cool and happy during hot summer days. Show off to your guests by training your dog to catch frisbees mid-air and land in the pool.

DON’T Allow Dangerous Behaviors

Training your pets takes time and commitment. This is necessary to ensure they know how to behave in the pool. You don’t want them tackling or jumping on your guests. Not only do you want to protect your friends and family, but you also want to ensure the pet does not hurt themselves.

One major hazard that pool owners often overlook is the dangers of the pool cover. If your pet walks on the pool cover and falls in, they can easily become disoriented and trapped underneath. Train your pets to stay off the pool cover or supervise to ensure they do not fall in.

DON’T Forget to Wash Your Pet Afterwards

Just as humans need to shower before and after swimming in a pool, pets benefit from a quick rinse. The chlorine can be irritating to their skin and eyes. Pets are especially prone to develop swimmer’s ear from the chlorinated water entering their ear canal. Washing and drying thoroughly will help them stay healthy and allow them to play in the pool all summer long!

Enjoy Swimming with Your Furry Friend This Summer!

When swimming with your animals, you must take the time to understand their abilities and training needs. By taking some extra safety precautions, you can enjoy an exciting summer of swimming (and posting cute photos of your pet in the pool). Shoreline Pools wants you to maximize the fun in your backyard. If you want to build a luxury swimming pool that everyone (including your fur babies) will love, dial (203) 357-1544 today! Don’t forget to follow our blog for more helpful pool care and safety tips.

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