Keep These Things Out of Your Pool

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Don’t you hate it when your neighbors blow leaves directly into your backyard? Even worse, their leaves find their way into your pool along with other debris. Owning a swimming pool is great fun, but things can go south quickly if you are not vigilant in taking the necessary precautions to keep your swimming pool clean. Shoreline created a list of potentially hazardous things to keep out of your pool. If you are a current or prospective pool owner, taking these steps will save you precious time and money in the long run.

Bugs and Birds

Nobody wants to jump into a pool where the waterline holds clusters of dead bugs. Keeping insects out of your pool can be time-consuming, but there are simple ways to prevent them from taking over your pool.

  1. First, keep your pump on for a couple of hours each day. Moving water prevents mosquitoes from landing in your pool and laying eggs.
  2. Next, maintain proper chlorine levels to kill any larvae and skim your pool for algae or remaining bugs.
  3. Finally, install a pool cover to keep bugs out when the pool is not in use.

Birds, such as ducks and geese, tend to stick around when pool owners feed them. While feeding them may seem entertaining, but these birds are conduits for bacteria. Feces, from any species, is problematic in a swimming pool. Bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens might spread in the water if animal droppings make their way into your pool. Pool chemicals have some limitations and do not always kill 100% of bacteria, so it is best to take every precaution to ensure adequate pool cleanliness. This is also why we recommend showering before and after entering a pool. To keep these critters out of the pool, you can use a fake alligator or owl decoy to scare them away.

Suntan Lotion, Soap, Deodorant & Personal Hygiene Products

Everyone should shower before and after entering the pool. The reason? Oil-based products, such as lotions, soaps, and deodorants, can disrupt the carefully balanced chemicals in your pool. If these products reach your pool, you may notice the maintenance systems struggling to up, resulting in clogged filters, floating black gunk, and slimy walls. Regularly skimming your pool, maintaining proper chlorine levels, and rinsing off before entering the pool will prevent any excessive buildup.

Leaves, Branches & Other Debris

Strong gusts of wind, an afternoon rainstorm, or simply falling leaves at the change of seasons result in unwanted debris landing in your pool. To solve this dilemma, we recommend investing in a pool cover, preferably an automatic one. Covering luxury in-ground your pool at night or when you are not using it eliminates the chance of too many branches, leaves, and other debris finding its way into your pool.

Food, Beverages & Glassware

Pool owners often entertain guests with scrumptious snacks and happy hour cocktails. However, these items present hazards if they end up in the swimming pool. Food can leave bacteria and clog your pool filter, not to mention swimming in food is just plain gross. Opt for plastic or paper dishware when you have lunch by the pool instead of using glass and breakable dishes. This way, there will be no accidental drops that leave bits of shattered glass in the water or pool area. Once the small pieces enter your pool, it is extremely difficult to clean up and puts your guests at risk of harming themselves.

Keep These Things Out, So You Can Jump In!

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure your pool is clean and safe to use all summer long. Not only will these tips make maintenance and cleaning easier, but they will also save you money. If you have debris in your pool or maintenance issues, the experts at Shoreline Pools are happy to help. Connect with Shoreline Pool by (203) 357-1544 today! Our service team will help you restore your pool’s unmistakable beauty in no time!

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