The Benefits of Regular Pool Maintenance

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Owning a luxurious pool is all fun and games until it’s time for maintenance and care. As any pool owner can attest, having a pool is a commitment, especially when used it during the sweltering hot summer weather. There must be cleanings, filter checkups, pH balance correction, maintaining a pristine appearance, and much more. Countless hours go into owning a swimming pool and many common issues, as well as injuries, can be avoided with regular pool maintenance. Let Shoreline Pools breakdown how regular pool maintenance delivers endless benefits to pool owners.

Increase the Longevity of a Pool

When one takes the time to have a swimming pool maintained regularly, this will easily increase the longevity and help to avoid future problems with filters and unwanted debris. Not only will it increase the lifetime of a pool, but it will also help incredibly with the overall appearance. Nobody wants to look at algae, leaves, or critters, which can clog filters, in a beautifully designed pool. A large amount of money was already spent to have it built so it makes sense to keep up with simple maintenance to have it look amazing all the time.

Avoid Health Risks, Safety First

Do children that use the pool? Maybe the neighborhood kids come over every so often to have a day of swimming. Whether children are running around or not, it is extremely important to put safety first and avoid all possible health risks that come along with not maintaining a pool properly. Contaminated water could irritate the skin and eyes and nobody wants that. Humans and animals are the reason for germs in pools and our job is to get rid of those germs and maintain that to ensure everyone coming into contact with the water is safe while enjoying their day.

Correcting the Chemical Balance

Maintaining pH balances in a pool is a category of its own. If this task is not done properly, this could leave people injured with skin and eye irritation. A pH balance measures a pool’s acidity in water and whether it passes safety protocols.


When the levels are high, the water is similar to milk; when the levels are too low, it’s basically like taking a dip in lemon juice. A happy neutral, which is pure water, fits perfectly in between. Pool owners cannot skip this step. Failing to complete this phase places guests, children, and furry friends at risk for potentially serious pool injuries.

Save Money By Cutting Unnecessary Costs

If a pool owner takes the right steps and decides to maintain the pool regularly, it will do wonders. Whether the owner maintains the pool alone or hires a company, it will prevent issues that may become pricey to repair. By taking care of these short-term issues as they are happening, you are avoiding turning them into long-term issues that will be much more expensive to fix than it had to be. Here at Shoreline Pools, we care about safety and want you to worry about having fun while we take care of the maintenance of your pool. Connect with a Shoreline Pools account manager by dialing (203) 357-1544. You can stay up-to-date on the latest pool trends and tips by following us on HOUZZ.

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