Signs You Need To Replace Your Pool Pump

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Your swimming pool deserves the same amount of daily attention as it did when it was first built. Caring for your swimming pool is a requirement when you decide to build or revamp it and the fundamental pool pump is where you should start. Pool pumps are what keep the water circulating through the filter to preserve your luxurious pool from any dirt or grime. Take a look at our expert tips below to identify the right time to replace your pool pump.

Strange Noises Come From Your Pump

The first sign to look out for is irregular noises coming from the pump that you normally don’t hear. These noises could be a warning that the water levels are off or the filter is no longer disinfecting the water of dirt and germs. When the water levels in a swimming pool are too low, there is no water entering the filter and that puts tension on the pool pump which is what causes the unusual sounds. The same goes if the filter is not working correctly and air enters the system instead of water which causes tremendous pressure, resulting in vibrations. Take a look at your pump to identify where the noise is coming from and contact a pool expert for additional advice on how to restore it.

Unmanageable or Constant Pump Leaks

Leaks are never a good sign when it comes to appliances, especially swimming pools. There are two types of pool leaks: air leaks and water leaks. Air leaks caused by loose pump lids and disconnected valves are the most common and can be easily repaired by a pool professional. On the other hand, water leaks could cause more damage. If you have a side suction or shaft seal leak, you may be dealing with water damage, cloudy water, water loss, and many more concerns. Servicing a pool pump water leak requires attention from a professional, not only for the physical leak but for the damage it’s caused as well.

Old Age

All pumps are subject to die out but luckily, pool pumps have a life span of up to 12 years and can leave you with unforgettable memories with family and friends. However, a pump must be replaced at one point or another. When that time comes, you may be seeing a lagging startup, an overheating motor, or defective bearings. If any of these issues occur, simply have an expert from your trusted pool company take a look and diagnose whether it’s time for a new pool pump or not.

Keep Up With Daily Pool Maintenance Before It’s Too Late

The key to having your marvelous pool outlive its estimated lifespan is to keep up with regular maintenance and prevent all longterm issues before they arise. Pool pumps are the core of swimming pools and without them water would not flow properly, leaving your pool lifeless and unsanitized. Here at Shoreline Pools, we care about the state of your swimming pool and its pump and want you to avoid costly repairs by letting us do the dirty work. Connect with a Shoreline Pools account manager today by dialing (203) 357-1544. Keep up to date with the latest pool trends and tips by following us on HOUZZ.

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