Top Must-Haves During Your Swimming Session

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Swimming still reigns supreme as the #1 summer activity. People of all ages love making a big splash during those sizzling summer afternoons, and who can blame them? Aside from health benefits, as well as the increase in property value, having a luxury swimming pool in your backyard is the perfect way to beat the heat and stay cool all summer long. More importantly, pools offer a great way to de-stress after a rough day at the office. But before you suit up for your next swimming sessions, make sure you come prepared with these must-haves so you can enjoy maximum relaxation and summer fun

A Stylish Swimsuit

This is a no brainer: you can’t go swimming without your swimsuit! Sure, you can certainly cannonball into your pool with your shorts on, but why sacrifice style? Bring the heat to your summer wardrobe with a trendy swimsuit. Regardless of your body type, you’ll find a wide variety of swimsuits in different colors and cuts. Whether you’re more comfortable in a bikini or a one piece, the perfect swimsuit will elevate your next swim session.

A Pair of Sunglasses

Make sure you add a finishing touch to your swim outfit with a pair of cool sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses can shield your eyes from the intense sun, and keep you looking fabulous while you sunbathe. Take a spare pair with you outside during your session so you don’t have to worry about damaging your eyes while you flip through a magazine or exciting book.

A Beach Hat For Extra Shade

When the sun reaches its zenith at midday, the sunlight becomes extra intense. This can become problematic if you can’t hide under an umbrella or awning for much-needed shade. You’re already protecting your eyes, so take it a step further with a cool beach hat. This trendy accessory protects your eyes and face from the sun while complementing any pair of shades or swimsuit you’re rocking. Just don’t forget to take off your hat before you decide to cool off in the pool.

A Towel or Two or Three

A towel is another obvious must-have for any swimming session. In fact, you may want a few handy so that you don’t have to travel back and forth for additional towels to dry off. If you don’t have any beach towels in your house, using a bath towel can dry you off just as well.

Sunscreen For Those Sunny Days

Sunburns can immediately ruin a relaxing swim session. So before you start splashing away, make sure you lather on plenty of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen beforehand lowers your chances of roasting, and protects you from long-term health risks that come with excessive exposure to sunlight. Be sure to reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours, depending on the length of your swim session.

Poolside Entertainment

Don’t get us wrong: poolside lounging is awesome, but it can become boring after a while. Avoid cutting a swim session short by bringing plenty of poolside entertainment with you. Prepare a poolside playlist beforehand, or make sure you have a copy of your favorite magazine or book handy. Imagine yourself bumping upbeat tunes while you read about the latest celebrity gossip. Few things in life even come close to this level of relaxation. Here’s a helpful tip: if you don’t have speakers installed around your pool, you can always opt for a portable Bluetooth speaker.

A Basic First Aid Kit

Safety first! Having a first aid kit close by can be helpful, especially if you have kids. Although you may tell your kids not to run at the pool, kids may inevitably fall down and scrape their knee. By having band-aids and first aid items close by, you can circumvent or lessen any unexpected injuries.

You’re Ready For Poolside Fun!

If you follow these swim session essentials, you can finally take your summer relaxation to the next level. Whether you’re lounging by yourself or playing host to a few of your friend, don’t forget these swim session essentials. For more insights about pool design, maintenance, and installation, subscribe to our blog or call Shoreline Pools at (203) 357-1544.

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