How to Make the Most Use of Your Pool This Summer

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The pool gods blessed you with a deluxe luxury swimming pool. Lucky you!  Now it’s time to put that pool to good use. Between celebrations, summer holidays, and some good ole’ R&R, your family can enjoy poolside fun all season long! Kick off pool season by making the most of your pool for any summer occasion.

De-Stress With Private Pool Time

The kids are out of school, you’re busy with daily responsibilities, and the rising summer heat probably isn’t helping your stress levels. Rather than dish out some money at a luxury spa, try to unwind and de-stress with some private pool time after a long day at the office. Sit back and breathe in the tranquil, lush landscaping, and bid farewell to your worries in your perfect escape.

Plan Some Pool Parties

Here’s a treat that both children and adults alike will love! Share the fun with your friends and neighbors by inviting them to a poolside extravaganza. Transform your backyard into the entertainment capital with pool parties for any occasion. Between graduation parties, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and the summer solstice, the opportunities to kick back and celebrate are practically endless.

Set the scene for your pool party with immaculate lighting functions and delicious dishes prepared in your gourmet outdoor kitchen. Cheeseburgers, shish kabobs, and sausage sandwiches — our stomachs are already rumbling.

Give Your Children Some Pool Games to Play

Rather than shipping the youngsters off to camp, let them have a splash-tacular summer in the comfort of your backyard. There’s a reason why swimming is the #1 summer activity among kids. From Marco Polo and Cannonball contests to a few rounds of Sharks and Minnows, your kids can escape the dreaded summer boredom with nonstop aquatic fun. Add some extra fun with inflatable toys in fun shapes and cute designs such as flamingos, swans, and unicorns! Just make sure you review essential summer safety rules with your kids – you don’t want to cut swim time short.

Soak Up the Sun

Everyone wants to achieve that alluring summer glow, and owning a swimming pool helps make that possible. Nestle up to a good book or magazine, and get your tan on while the rest of your family splash around. After an unbearably long winter, laying out in the sun can elevate your mood and raise your Vitamin D levels, which are both great for your health.

Alternatively, you can take relaxation to the next level by adding a sun shelf to your pool so you can relax in the water without having to change into your swimsuit. You won’t be the only one enjoying this nifty feature; sun shelves make it easier for small children, your pets, and even handicapped friends cool off during the sweltering heat.

Enjoy Your Pool All Summer Long!

The pool gates are finally open for a full summer of nonstop fun. Autumn will rear its head before you know it, so don’t waste any time making the most of your luxury swimming pool. Your whole family and your friends and neighbors will appreciate coming to swim in your pool this summer. Don’t forget to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for creative ways to enhance your swimming pool experience.

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