What You Need to Know About Sports Pools

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As swimming continues to become more of a recreational activity, pool design styles change and evolve to coincide with emerging trends. Games such as water polo are now staples at the summer Olympic games, serving as a blueprint for recreational pool games. As a result, the demand for sports pools has drastically increased. The design structure of sports pools can easily accommodate all water activities that require feet to ground movement.

What are Sports Pools?

Sports pools have very specific structure with three distinct sections. These sections consist of two shallow ends and a deeper section in the middle. Usually rectangular or oval shaped the shallow ends in sports pools need to be symmetrical. Often regarded as the ideal choice for entertaining or exercise, sports pools allows swimmers to enjoy volleyball, water hoops, Marco – Polo and a number of other pool games.

The Appeal of Sports Pools

Sports pools provide maximum mobility for an assortment of activities, especially for homeowners who prefer to stay in the shallow ends of pools. Sports pools remain safe for all levels of swimmers as they have the ideal water depth for families interested in teaching their infants to swim. With a minimal risk of drowning, sports pools limit the hassle of trying to stay afloat. Furthermore, sports pools have larger ledges and beach areas, which are great for children, elderly, the handicapped, and pets.

The Style and Cost of Sports Pools

Shoreline offers three main materials used in pool installations; concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. The time it takes to construct your sports pool depends on pool’s dimensions. Some recommended styles for sports pools include roman, oval, or rectangle because they provide the proper space for recreational aquatic activities. Each of these three styles has their benefits. Roman pools have a rectangular shape with round ends. The ledges in Roman pools provide a relaxing break area in the pool after water activities. Conversely, oval shaped pools are ideal for rectangular-shaped backyards because an oval pool will not make your yard feel overly crowded or lopsided. Finally, rectangle pools are a great practice area for competitive swimmers to perfect their technique.

In regards to pricing, several elements can influence the final cost including building materials and the pool’s dimensions. Keep these dimensions in mind as you plan your pool’s construction.

  • Smaller pools are around 10×15 ft.
  • Medium pools begin at 14×27 ft.
  • Larger pools are 18×32 ft and up.

While pricing definitely has an influence on the size you choose, remember that your pool’s size should reflect how you intend to use your pool and backyard.

Start Building Your Sports Pool

If you’re looking for a smart investment as well as a great way to entertain family and friends, then look no further than a sports pool. In addition, a sports pool will enhance your backyard’s aesthetics. Furthermore, aquatic exercise is one of the most therapeutic activities because it helps build strength while avoiding harsh stress on your joints! For more information about installing a sports pool in your backyard, contact the experts at Shoreline Pools today! Don’t forget to follow us on HOUZZ to see more of our completed pool construction projects.

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