When is The Best Time to Renovate Your Pool?

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Summer is a great time to spend outdoors with family and friends, especially when you own a beautiful custom swimming pool with fun add-on features. From barbecuing a mouth-watering rack of ribs to catching some rays while relaxing on your sun shelf, you can expect your pool to become the go-to hot spot all season long.

After a long season, the pool area may become messy, succumb to small damages, and call for care ahead of next year. It may seem easy to fix a few pool features over a few weeks during the summer, but this takes away precious time from relaxing and enjoying your luxury swimming pool. At Shoreline Pools, we understand a luxury pool is a hefty investment that will sometimes call for routine upkeep. To better ensure that our clients make the most informed decisions, we’re revealing the best time of the year for pool renovations. So, when is the best time to renovate your pool area

Fall – An Ideal Time to Give Your Pool a Makeover

Pools accumulate damage throughout the summer without homeowners taking notice until it’s time to begin a winterization process. As pools become more susceptible to harsh chemicals and ultraviolet rays over time, there are minuscule damages such as cracks and chipping, which eventually causes leaks when ignored. Once summer ends and the leaves start changing color, a pool’s appearance becomes more evident once the foliage falls onto the pool cover and leaves unpleasant odors.

Fall is the perfect time for pool contractors to visit and estimate the number of pool renovations needed. After all, repairing an in-ground pool requires collaboration with expert contractors who typically have a busy schedule during summer. Moreover, pool companies cannot always provide support during the winter once the cold and uncomfortable weather arrives. Thus, both pool contractors and homeowners should begin making pool renovations in September through October. Both parties prefer this small window of time because the repair prices will become more affordable since the project will occur during the off-season. This way, homeowners don’t have to push back the pool opening process (in late May) when the weather becomes perfect for swim sessions.

Why Pool Renovations Matter

An outdated pool can seem uninviting and pose a danger to children and pets. From a few simple cracks and discoloration in the pool area, you cannot ignore these potentially hazardous damages. Luckily, a renovation will give your pool new and exciting features, improved functionality, enhanced safety for children, energy-efficient technologies, and a beautiful aesthetic.

Fall Renovations: The Ideal Time for Pool Owners

Autumn provides homeowners with an ample amount of time to clean the pool area and allow pool contractors to brainstorm unique ideas for your pool space. Renovations will result in a refined look when it’s time to go back to the refreshing summer pool. A few simple modifications change the backyard to a more inviting ambiance. With Shoreline Pools’ reliable repair and renovations services, clients across Connecticut and New York can finally have a perfect outdoor paradise! Dial (203) 357-1544 to schedule a consultation with Shoreline Pools’ servicing team today. For extra backyard inspiration, make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ.

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