5 Reasons to Remodel Your Swimming Pool This Fall

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When you look out into your backyard, your swimming pool should be the main focus. You shouldn’t feel stressed by what you see; instead, you should feel a wave of relaxation. With winter quickly approaching, there is no better time to start planning your dream pool renovation for next summer.

Do you need more convincing?  Here are five reasons why you should remodel your swimming pool:

1). It’s Damaged

Over time your pool is subjected to harsh chemicals, weather exposure and ultraviolet rays that can cause severe damage. Whether you have a vinyl liner or a concrete pool, any cracks, deterioration, wrinkles, slippage or stretching is greatly problematic.

The number one issue resulting from any of those problems is leaking. Leaks need to be corrected right away, and there is no time like the off-season, when renovation costs are at their lowest, to fix them.

2). You Want to Save Money

Not only will renovating your swimming pool save you money, it is also more energy efficient. Replacing your larger pool pump to a much smaller sized pool can save you up to 75% of your original pumping bill!

Furthermore, investing in a solar pool cover is a great way to save money. Harnessing the power of the sun as a source of heat for your pool will greatly reduce your monthly heating bill.

3). You Need Additional Safety

For children who frequent your pool, safety is a huge concern. To avoid any dangers such as drowning, do not allow children to swim on their own. Remember: children between the ages of 1 and 4 are at a high risk for fatal and nonfatal drowning at residential swimming pools.

To prevent any kind of accident or tragedy, be sure to install a fence around the perimeter of your pool. Your fence should be separate from the house and stand at least four feet tall. As an added precaution, install a self-closing and self-locking gate. Installing alarms to pool gates, as well as an underwater motion swimming alarms, will prevent any child from accident by alerting those around.

4). Your Pool’s Design is Outdated

Taking a swim in an outdated pool isn’t a luxury – it’s a hassle! When you step out into your backyard, why not have it feel like a resort quality pool? Changing the liner, tiles, and interior resurfacing can reinvent your swimming pool in a major way!

These minor cosmetic changes to your pool do not take much time to complete and are not expensive. Do yourself a favor and make the investment; we promise you will not regret it when it comes time to open your pool next summer!

5). You Want to Install New, Fun Features

There are a variety of innovative pool design features that will help make an incredible addition to your backyard escape. One current popular trend is the addition of a sun shelf; a versatile ledge that has a consistent shallow depth that is the ideal spot for tanning and a safe area for young children to play.

You should also invest in a good pool cover! Doing so will save on costs and add an extra layer of protection to your pool. Additional features such as deck jets create beautiful water arches, while sheer descents add dramatic focal points to your pool without the noise.

Let Shoreline Pools Handle Your Next Pool Remodel

Whether you choose to renovate your pool because you want to include some fun new features next season, your pool is outdated, upgrade your safety measures, save money, or fix damage, there is no better time. Get a head start on next season by contacting us at Shoreline Pools today! In need of design inspiration? Check out Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ to see our latest completed design projects.

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