When is the Best Time to Purchase a Swimming Pool?

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Are you thinking about finalizing your dream backyard with the addition of a luxurious swimming pool? Experts say that it is more cost effective to install your swimming pool during the fall and winter seasons.

Here are 5 great reasons to convince you to dive into installing your dream pool this season!

1). Avoid Price Increases

At the beginning of each new year, the annual cost of material goods, building and installation supplies increase, resulting in a pricing surge. To get the most savings for your budget, be ahead of the game by purchasing all materials needed for installation, during this time, before manufacturers and suppliers increase the pricing.

2). Less Expensive Resources and Labor

Many homeowners choose to install swimming pools in the spring and summer because those months are notorious for having ideal pool weather. It’s no secret that homeowners probably want to start enjoying their new pool as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they don’t even consider purchasing a new pool during fall and winter, which are both considered the off seasons for pool companies and builders.

Due to the decrease in demand, resources and labor are significantly cheaper in fall and winter; thereby making it the ideal time to purchase and build a new pool. Since pool builders oversee fewer jobs in the fall and winter, they are able to offer clients better prices and devote their undivided attention focusing on designing and installing your custom swimming pool.

3). Additional Features

Buying your pool in the off season will leave you more money in the budget that homeowners can devote to customize their ideal luxurious swimming pool. Consider pampering your pool experience by installing laminar jets, a sun shelf, waterfall features and diving board and more! These are items sure to add a finishing touch to your backyard oasis and keep guests talking as you throw the most ultimate of pool parties next season.

Hint: did you know fall is time for seasonal closeout sales? Consider shopping for pool fencing, lighting, and outdoor table sets during this season. To not miss out, act quickly as supplies are usually limited to what is leftover from summer.

4). Landscaping and Hardscape

Installing a swimming pool will leave your backyard looking bare no matter the season. You’ll need to replant your grass, shrubs and decorative flowers. Building your pool in the fall gives you a generous amount of time to landscape and finalize last minute tasks in the early spring. It is also an ideal time to install walkways, patios surrounding the pool area using pavers or stone, or install rock walls with landscaping. By installing in the fall and winter, your family and friends will be able to freely enjoy your backyard without construction that would interfere during the Spring or Summer months.

5). Weather the Obstacles

Another obstacle may be harsh weather conditions during the winter months. The fall is a safer time to install your pool because it’s less likely that Mother Nature will interrupt the building process. Winter storms can be detrimental for pool installations; what is normally a 6-10 week installation could easily turn into a lengthy and time-consuming project.

Come summer, your backyard retreat will be as exactly as you had envisioned it! More importantly, the time in-between installation and opening day will allow you to plan your first pool party for your family and friends! Make to follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more ideas you can incorporate into your future luxury pool

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