5 Ways You Can Use Your Pool This Year

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Spring will arrive in just a few short weeks, which means that pool season will be here before you know it. The anticipation of pool season is an exciting time for pool owners across the nation, especially for owners living in colder climates and cannot use their pools year-round.

As the temperature rises and the snow disappears, you’re probably already thinking about all the ways you plan on using your pool this summer. Make sure you take full advantage of your pool with these awesome poolside activities.

1. Pool Parties, BBQs and Celebrations

Once it’s warm and beautiful out, you can use your pool to bring people together for celebrations. Whether you’re celebrating a college graduation, and engagement, the Fourth of July, or you just want an excuse to have people over, hosting pool parties allows you – and your guests – to enjoy your pools full potential.

Between sipping on cocktails on your sun shelf, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, and hosting a game of pool volleyball, your backyard will transform into party central.

2. Relaxing By The Pool

You don’t need to escape to a tropical island for some R&R when you have a pool. Just picture relaxing with a good book next to your beautiful pool. The thought of glistening water is enough to put anyone in a state of tranquility. Pools aren’t just nice for relaxing; they can help melt your stress away.

Between work and family life, you’re probably reaching your boiling point. But relaxing alongside a swimming pool can stop those stress levels from kicking into overdrive. When you feel life becomes too hectic, tune the rest of the world out and enjoy some much-needed rest next to your beautiful luxury pool.

3. Get Some Vitamin D

Spending some much-needed R&R at the pool can give your skin that bronze glow that you’ve been missing during the winter. More importantly, spending extended periods of time in the sun will help your body soak up Vitamin D.

Aside from giving your body a makeover, this vitamin does absolute WONDERS for your health: it strengthens bones, reduces the risk of diabetes, and lowers your chances of cancer. Avoid a Vitamin D deficiency by cranking up some music, nestling yourself into a comfortable pool chair, and soaking up Mr. Golden Sun. But make sure you apply ample amounts of sunscreen during your tanning session.

4. Get In A Workout

Who needs a gym when you own a pool? That’s right! Pool owners can get an intense workout without even leaving the comfort of their backyard. Exercising in the pool targets the body’s major muscle groups without putting stress on your joints, making it the ideal exercise for pregnant women, seniors, and other people with weakened mobility.

5. Staycations

After a long, cold winter, a beautiful tropical vacation sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, traveling isn’t always an option for some people. But thankfully, pool owners never have to travel far for some peace of mind when they can use their backyard to create a perfect staycation.

The concept of “staycation” is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to sit back and relax without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. Staycations are the perfect way to relax with all the comforts of home while also allowing yourself to escape from the stress of everyday life. More importantly, staycations are an excellent option for pool owners because it allows them to get the most out of their pool during the summer.

Making The Most Out Of Your Pool This Season

While pool season may still be a few months away, it’ll arrive before you know it! If you love your pool as much as we think you do, you definitely don’t want any unnecessary delays preventing you from making the first splash of the season. If you need help opening your pool this summer, be sure to contact the experts at Shoreline Pools. For additional pool tips and trends, be sure to subscribe to and check out our blog. Are you looking for more backyard design inspiration? Make sure to follow us on HOUZZ.

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