The Best Furniture to Keep By Your Swimming Pool

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It is finally spring and that means that summer is around the corner! Get a head start on your outdoor living space by complimenting your swimming pool with the sleekest outdoor furniture on the market. A luxurious pool is fantastic on its own, however, it must be decorated to complete the resort backyard of your dreams. Just a few pieces of furniture can really spruce up any backyard and turn it from average to elite in seconds. Leave it to Shoreline to point out the hottest outdoor furniture of summer 2020 and how you can transform your backyard overnight

Relax Under The Sun in Lounge Chairs

We love soaking up the sun on a warm summer day, but how can you do that without a lounge chair? Lounge chairs are a must-have when you have a swimming pool in your backyard. After a nice refreshing dip in your pool, all you want to do is lay down.  You can’t do that in a regular chair. A modern wicker lounge chair will allow the durability and classy look you want and need next to your swimming pool. Top them off with fun printed cushions to match the colorful spirits of summer.

You can grab some backup cushions for when you want a little change of scenery, this is the quickest and easiest way of making that happen. You can adjust your lounge chair to an upright position when chatting with friends, and push it down when it’s time to relax under the sun.

Enjoy a Yummy Lunch at the Bistro Table

It’s tiring after swimming all day long in the sun. Take a lunch break at your gorgeous bistro table set. These outdoor dining sets are ideal for enjoying a glass of lemonade or a small lunch in between swimming sessions. Seat as many people as you need, whether it’s just the family or the whole neighborhood. You might consider investing in a high, bar-style table set to help avoid splashes from the kids in the swimming pool. Customize the colors of your table set to coordinate with the rest of your outdoor furniture and enjoy the stay at your exclusive home spa and resort.

Share a Snack With Friends on Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofas are a fantastic feature to any backyard whether you have a pool or not. They allow plenty of comfortable seating for guests to chat while sitting poolside and sipping on some ice-cold water. Take your sofa up a notch and finish it with a portable fire pit! Snack on s’mores while watching the sunset and follow that with a quick night time dip in the pool. Alter your weather-resistant cushions from week to week for new color palettes and a mini backyard transformation. It’s your home, make it your own!

Spice Up Your Backyard With Exciting Furniture For The Summer

Nothing screams outdoor home resort quite like this. Decorating your backyard with the most delightful furniture on the market can make the biggest difference to your home as a whole. Invest in your property and show it some love. The hard part of owning a pool is done, now you just have to enhance it and make it your own. Want some help with decorating and completing your outdoor living space? Contact Shoreline Pools at (203) 357-1544 and let our elite team of renovators revamp your space today!

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