7 Summer Pool Party Themes

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When it comes to summer, most people envision vacations, relaxation and parties. One of the most enjoyable perks of owning a swimming pool is having your friends and family over for a celebration. Pool parties can be loads of fun, and with the right theme your party will be a success.

Are you planning a pool party this summer? If you are in need of inspiration for a great party theme, consider one of these at your next extravaganza.

1). Beach Party

Most people head to the beach during the summer. Unfortunately, Not everyone can make it down to the beach. So, if you can’t go to the beach, then simply bring the beach to you! With the right decorations, you can transform your backyard into the ocean.

Simply purchase some sand from the hardware store, use seashells and fishnets to decorate tables, and include an umbrella to create the illusion that you are on the beach!

As for the menu, delight your party guests with classic boardwalk food like popcorn, snow cones, funnel cake, French fries, hot dogs and hamburgers.

2). Hawaiian Luau

Have you ever been to a Hawaiian Luau? It’s no wonder that a Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular pool party themes because they are so much fun. With proper planning, your guests can enjoy all the best parts of the Aloha state within your backyard!

Decorate your backyard with Hawaiian-themed accessories such as coconuts, grass, Tiki torches, bamboo accents, and bright tropical colors! Purchase or make your own leis and tropical themed playlist to welcome your guests to the extravaganza! When it comes time to chow down, be sure to serve them delicious Hawaiian dishes like pineapple ham or even an authentic pig roast!

3). “Dive-In” Movie Night

Remember when drive-in movies were popular? If you’re looking for the ultimate blast from the past, it is very easy to recreate the drive-in movie experience!

Simply move your big-screen television outside or rent a projector for the evening. Let your guests kick back and relax with inflatable lounge chairs or pool floats, and serve them popcorn and drinks! As for the night’s feature film? Why not screen “Jaws,” “The Little Mermaid,” or any other classic summer flick?

4). A Day at the Spa

Who says you need an over the top party to have fun? If you’re looking to have friends over for a relaxing afternoon, why not treat them to a spa-themed pool party? With the right luxurious items, you can transform your backyard into a private oasis.

staycationHire a beautician for the afternoon and treat your guests to a manicure or pedicure. Just imagine lying by the pool and sipping a cocktail while you and your guests enjoy a nice massage. This theme is bound to be the ultimate staycation hit!

5). Mexican Fiesta

You can delight your guests by taking them south of the border with a Mexican Fiesta inspired theme. The bright colors, sombreros, maracas and festive tone of your decorations will truly transform your backyard. You can craft a menu with signature chips and guacamole Mexican dishes and margaritas even have a mariachi band perform. These, coupled with Mexican-themed games will help capture the festive tone of a fiesta.

6). Patriotic

If you want to show your American pride, a Patriotic theme is the way to go. Whether you are celebrating Memorial Day, Independence Day or even showing your support for Team USA in the Olympic games, this theme will amaze and unite your guests.

Decorate your backyard with red, white and blue; and make sure your music playlist has American classics, such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. When creating your menu, it is a good idea to have an all-American barbecue with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and other American dishes.  To show your support for team USA in the Olympics, you can also host your own mini Olympic games at your party.

7. Under the Sea

Are you ready to make a splash that will have your guests swimming with joy? A swimming pool is the absolute perfect venue to create an Under the Sea theme party. With the right decorations like seashells and sand, you can make your guests feel as if they are on an under water adventure. Party streamers in shades of blue and green will create a sense of seaweed and flowing water.

Be sure to include inflatable fish, sharks and other sea creatures in your pool for added fun. As for the menu, be sure to include appetizers and entrees with seafood as the main star.

Party Hard This Summer

Whether you choose one of the above themes or try something different be sure to throw a party this summer! By hosting a pool party this summer, you can maximize the use of your pool while also bringing in your family and friends for a fun time! Follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more inspiration to transform your backyard into a party hub this summer.

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