Basic Pool Maintenance Tips

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Keeping up with maintaining your luxury swimming pool can be tiring, and takes away your precious relaxation time. But when you follow the right steps and know when to ask for help, pool maintenance isn’t that difficult

From custom pool installations, renovations, design services, and construction services, the Shoreline Pools team provides unique craftsmanship to NY & CT customers, as well as unmatched expertise to maintain each client’s vision. Still, every pool owner should understand the fundamentals of basic pool maintenance. Here is a basic guide to pool maintenance created by the in-ground pool experts at Shoreline Pools.

Is Your Pool Surface Safe?

Regularly checking the pool surface is vital towards anyone’s safety. Many new homeowners mistakenly overlook this important detail. When your pool surface isn’t clean, it tends to gather algae, bacteria, and other dirt in the pool, which makes it more dangerous to anyone splashing around. It’s also vital to check the surface in case there’s any damage, like leaks or punctures. To prevent this and to keep the pool a fun and relaxing place to spend afternoons, make sure to contact a Shoreline Pools representative to schedule an inspection.

How to Balance Your Pool’s pH Levels

Keeping your water clean in your pool – especially during holidays, long weekends and summer break with the kids – is an important part of maintenance! Staying organized is essential to keeping the water clean from debris with any leaf scoop and adjusting the pH level for the water is also important. The pH level varies depending on what type of finishing is on your pool, so contact your Shoreline Pools representative to double-check this information.

Chemically cleaning your water about every month is probably the most important tip we can recommend. Regular shock treatments help to disinfect the water by clearing out any bacteria that might be growing in the water, along with any other dirt that’s entered the water through environmental changes.

The Safest Swimming Pool Renovations

Shoreline Pools makes sure that there is open communication between you and your Project Manager. Everyone has the right to have their vision mapped out with a Project Manager, as this makes the client more comfortable and understood. Project Managers go above and beyond with their services; their expertise is unique and our clients trust them as they give them honest advice and professional opinions.

There are many collaborators that will take part in a pool renovation. So in other words, Project Managers make sure their clients are aware of this information beforehand. Project Managers’ advice includes teaching about standard pool basics and how there’s a lot of physical mess with renovations. They also make sure you have a great foundation to start off with, like ideas and images you’ve saved to build the vision for the pool renovation.

These tips are a great way to stay informed about the different ways to help you and your family enjoy your pool all summer with minimal hassle. Remember: make sure to keep up with these basic tips as they are important for health and safety precautions your luxury swimming pool, and your guests. Your hard work will be worth it, so just remain patient to see the results! Are you looking for reliable pool maintenance professionals this summer? Contact Shoreline Pools for unbeatable support and expertise by dialing (203) 357-1544 today! Our maintenance team looks forward to hearing from you. For extra backyard inspiration, make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ.

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