Interactive Water Features to Add to Your Swimming Pool

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Every time you look at your backyard swimming pool, do you think there’s something missing? How about a waterfall? Having a water feature built into your swimming pool is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also adds a sense of tranquility. Going the extra mile for an interactive water feature allows everyone to enjoy it as well as add that little bit of elegance to your pool area. If you’re considering adding an interactive water feature to your backyard or swimming pool, keep reading to learn more.

Why Install an Interactive Water Feature

While swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard and can supply a summer of fun, it might not be enough by itself. By incorporating an interactive water feature, you’re taking your backyard oasis to the next level. Whether you opt for a splash pad for young children to cool down, bubbler fountains along the edge of your pool, or even a rain curtain stemming from your spa or coming off some rocks, there’s sure to be some water feature that can suit your needs and aesthetics.

Types of Interactive Water Features

Choosing the right water feature for your pool is likely to be as difficult as it was to choose the style and type of swimming pool. Here are some options for interactive water features:

Bubbler Fountains

Bubbler fountains, also called gushers, are an excellent water feature to add to your swimming pool. Pool professionals suggest that bubbler fountains sit within tanning shelves, a pool with a beach entry, or in the center of an attached spa. However, you should install no more than three for spacing and aesthetic purposes. For a fun addition, see if your professional pool company will add LED lights to add a pop of color.

Water Bowls

For a nice, serene flow of water, check out water bowls. Also referred to as water woks or a water pot, these round or square water features add a modern element to your outdoor paradise. No matter what the shape of the water bowl is, it’s best to install them on a perch, raised wall, or a column. Because of the spilling water element, the water bowl needs to allow enough space to allow the water to fall as a miniature waterfall. Are you looking for a unique way to add more of a wow-factor? Combine fire with a water bowl for a mesmerizing flare to your backyard.

Deck Jets

Additional great interactive and decorative water features to add to your swimming pool are deck jets. Since the water is projected in the shape of an arch, deck jets will add that needed flair to your pool because the water emerges in an arch shape. Also, children are going to love playing in the streams of water as they swim around and underneath the droplet stream. Deck jets are a great way to add some geometric dimension to your rectangular swimming pool.

Rain Curtain

For a more unique and modern type of waterfall, consider installing a rain curtain, also known as a water wall. These stylish and sophisticated water walls create an illusion of constant rainfall with thin streams of water cascading into your swimming pool. Rain curtains sit on the edge of your pool and stand between four and eight feet tall, allowing for a visually appealing water feature. Because of the size of the feature, you can admire it and relax from the constant sounds of rain inside your house.

Splash Pad

Do you or other friends or family members have young children? Installing a splash pad is a fantastic interactive water feature for young kids to enjoy during the summer months. Normally, they’re found in public parks or waterparks or public pools. But getting your own splash pad is a safe option for kids and pets to cool down without the risk of drowning. Lastly, splash pads aren’t just swimming pool additions. They can also be wonderful additions to make to your hardscaping projects.

Swimming Pool Grottos

If you’re looking for a water feature that brings in natural elements, consider getting a swimming pool grotto. Most pool professionals want to use natural stones when creating a pool grotto because it gives a pure vibe to the water feature. Allowing for an immersive experience, such as being able to swim underneath the water from the waterfall, pool owners can also build a bench or a type of ledge underneath the waterfall. With these possibilities, swimming pool grottos add a sense of adventure and imagination to your swimming pool.

Add a Water Feature Everyone Will Love!

Choosing the right water feature to add an element of elegance to your backyard area can very easily become overwhelming. Incorporating interactive water features can help you create an exciting and riveting pool experience in your backyard this summer. We recommend visiting our HOUZZ page to see if we can cater to your pool-building needs! With over 50 years of experience, the pool professionals at Shoreline Pools can create the swimming pool area of your dreams. For more information, dial 203-357-1544 today to chat with one of our pool technicians!

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