The Best Way to Keep Your Pool Water Cold

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Pool owners boast the luxury of escaping form the sun’s blazing rays with a quick dip in the cool, refreshing water. But the mid-summer sun can also heat the water to room temperature, meaning you run the risk overheating your beautiful swimming pool.

The experts at Shoreline Pools are eager to share our tips for keeping your pool water cool all summer long. Try using these tips during the next summer heat wave; you’ll thank us when you dive into refreshingly cold water when the weather reaches 90 degrees.

Add a Dazzling Water Feature to Your Pool

Water features such as fountains, waterfalls, and jet streams add beauty and practicality to your pool. These types of moving water features cool down your pool through evaporation. The boost of air exposure causes the water to evaporate quickly, resulting in a rapid loss of water. Make the most of the cooling effects of your new water feature by operating them at night. This reduces the amount of water lost due to evaporation and cools the water as temperatures naturally drop.

Build Shade Structures Over Your Pool

Installing a pool cover reduces sun exposure while the pool is not in use. Alternatively, shade the pool with an awning, pergolas, shade sails, canopies, or umbrellas for a functional and attractive design. Pool shades stop the sun’s rays from evaporating pool water, lower the pool temperature, keep the water’s chemical balance consistent, and prevent swimmers from receiving a sunburn.

Looking for less traditional methods for installing shade? Plants can help you achieve the privacy you seek while allowing ample shade in your backyard area. Even better, planting extra trees will transform your backyard space into a verdant private garden.

Complete Your Pool Filtering At Night

If you want to amplify the cooling effects of aerators and other water features, we recommend running the pump at night. The brisk air temperatures will bring the temperature down quicker than in daylight hours. Even if you don’t have any water features installed in your luxury pool, running the pool pump overnight will circulate the water and release some heat into the cool night air.

Although night filtering is budget-friendly, it is not a foolproof plan due to its dependency on natural air temperatures. However, the moving water will certainly reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

Invest in a Reliable Pool Cooler

The most efficient way to cool off a pool fast is with an evaporative pool cooler. Similar to an air conditioner, an evaporative pool cooler uses fans to cool down water as it travels through the device and replenishes the pool with refreshingly cold water. The pool cooler can decrease water temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Less expensive than a reversible heat pump, pool owners living in warm climates find pool coolers worth the investment.

Alternatively, if you live in an environment where a pool heater is necessary for cooler months, consider investing in a reversible heat pump. This device does double duty, allowing you to heat your pool or cool down the pool with the flip of a switch. Although more expensive than an evaporative pool cooler, the benefits of having two devices in one supersedes the incurred cost.

Hire a Pool Professional for Effective Cooling Solutions

Shoreline Pools is here to help you keep your pool water cold. Our professionals assess your needs and inform you how to make your pool most enjoyable in the heat of the summer. Dial (203) 357-1544 to learn more about how to keep your pool refreshingly cold all summer long. Don’t forget to visit us on HOUZZ to catch a glimpse of our latest construction and renovation projects.

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