Enhance Your Backyard with Outdoor Kitchens

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With a shimmering swimming pool, luxurious spa, and relaxing patio, your backyard is the hub of summertime entertainment for all your family and friends. The only piece missing is a fully stocked outdoor kitchen to bring a luxury resort experience to your home. From a stone pizza oven to a full bar set, installing an outdoor kitchen will complete your backyard. The Shoreline Pools team is excited to outline everything you need to know about outdoor kitchens.

Why Install an Outdoor Kitchen?

If you are the go-to host for summertime fun, you know that entertaining requires extensive work. Constantly hustling in and out of the house to deliver refreshments, find ingredients, clean up spills, and keep up with dishes leaves you much too busy to really enjoy your company. An outdoor kitchen offers the convenience of having everything you need at the center of the party. Guests can sit at your bar or dining set while you grill mouthwatering steaks or hamburgers. Furthermore, you can quickly clean up any mishaps or spills when you have a functional sink and some handy paper towels.

Besides convenience and entertainment, outdoor kitchens increase the overall value of your home. Just as upgrading your interior with new appliances and renovations increases your home value, outdoor kitchens’ added functionality and design make your home more desirable.

Backyard kitchens bring the comforts of your home outside. If you love spending time outdoors, installing a backyard kitchen gives you the flexibility to prepare full meals and enjoy dining next to your pool. With an extended living space, you can skip out on the air conditioning and enjoy the cool evening breeze!

What Features Should I Add to an Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are a combination of style and comfort, with both design and functionality in mind, some key features are must-haves. Firstly, every outdoor kitchen should have a grill, a side burner/cooktop, a refrigerator, a functional faucet and sink, and trash bins. With these essentials in place, you can get creative with more fun features such as ice makers, wine coolers, kegerators, a smoker, a pizza oven, and some extra storage.

To create some ambiance, outdoor kitchens should have comfortable and conversational seating. Whether you add a bar counter, a full dining table, or some cushioned love seats with a coffee table, your guests must have a place to sit.

Consider Your Current Landscape and Backyard Design

When designing a custom outdoor kitchen, you must consider your current landscape, as well as future design goals. Think about the flow of the space, where you plan to add more landscaping features, how your garden will grow, and where you plan to extend your patio area. When you have an idea of your design and structural goals, you can design an outdoor kitchen that will fit well within your space.

What is the Installation Process for an Outdoor Kitchen?

After creating a plan for your kitchen, the first step of the installation is building a solid base with a ground-level deck, floating deck, or stone patio. Next, you will run utility lines including gas, water, drainage, and electrical. After your utility lines are secured, you should install an overhead shelter, such as a pergola or canopy. With your overall structure in place, you can install refrigerators, grills, countertops, and all other appliances. Lastly, you will incorporate all your seating and design elements as a final addition to your new backyard kitchen!

Hire A Professional Backyard Contractor

If you are dreaming of spending summers cooking outdoors, Shoreline pools can make your dreams a reality. Whether you want a brick oven or a full dining area, the team at Shoreline will help you design an outdoor kitchen that fits beautifully within your backyard. Dial (203) 357-1544today to learn more! Don’t forget to follow on HOUZZ for more ideas to upgrade your backyard oasis.

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