Designing a Pool to Resell Your Home

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Selling a home can be a stressful process. Properties featuring state-of-the-art swimming pools can be both alluring and intimating as it can possibly deter potential buyers. When selling a home in the New York and Connecticut area, your pool’s shape, functions, and features greatly impact your home’s market value. To increase your home’s market value and make it more appealing to potential buyers, Shoreline Pools has professional insight when designing a pool to resell your home.

Why Having a Home with a Pool Important

According to real-estate market research, an in-ground pool adds about 7.7% more in value to the home’s market value because most homebuyers consider a pool an added benefit. Whether you own a classic or modern design, a pool unites the entire backyard while adding something special extra that other properties may lack. In other words, your pool helps sell the yard as a whole. Currently, the most popular pool material is fiberglass as it offers the best resale value due to the low maintenance cost.

Are Pools Cost Effective?

While pools can certainly be expensive, certain elements may make pools more affordable than others. Some factors homeowners need to keep in mind include:

  • Type – Concrete, Fiberglass, or Vinyl.
  • Size – The dimension of a pool.
  • Time – The time spent building a pool.
  • Maintenance – Yearly fees to maintain a pool including chemicals.

These key indicators help quote an accurate price for pool construction; however, maintenance procedures will vary for different constructions. A pool’s size depends on the space in your yard. For instance a smaller pool will have a lower cost while a larger pool will be more expensive.  Here are some dimensions to consider:

  • Small – 8 x 12 ft.
  • Medium – 10 x 20 ft.
  • Large – 15 x 30 ft.
  • X-Larger – 20 x 40 ft.

Finally, here is a rough estimate for installation costs based on the type of pool:

  • Concrete is set at $2,740.
  • Vinyl is set at $1,150.
  • Fiberglass is at the lowest, roughly $375.

Custom pool features such as landscapes, waterslides, decks, and lighting can make your pool more appealing for the real estate buyers. Shoreline Pools will work alongside architects to ensure your backyard is a focal selling point.

What are the Best Selling Features?

A low-maintenance pool will appeal more to potential buyers, so you should consider improving the pool features when selling your home. A pool with updated functions may be the deciding factor if buyers will purchase your property. For example, market research shows that buyers will desire both a cost and energy efficient pool. Compared to natural gas or propane, heat pump heaters installations have a lower annual operating cost while providing higher efficiencies. Consider fiberglass materials to boost the value of your home because they contain sturdier material than that of vinyl and concrete; which inevitably will decrease future maintenance cost.

Is Your Pool Market Ready?

To best prepare your pool for the competitive real-estate market, understand that every feature may not appeal to every potential buyer. Take the time to make sure your pool’s systems run efficiently before installing additional features such as waterfalls, divided sections, or lighting. Consider hiring a Shoreline professional to ensure your filter system and chemical balance work properly, as an imbalance in the water levels may severely damage the pool.

More than a decade ago, approximately 90% of all in-ground swimming pools had a diving board, but today they are slowly becoming outdated. Due to liability issues and an increase in homeowners’ insurance, pools with diving boards have now become unfavorable; therefore, you may want to consider removing the diving board from your pool. Understanding these factors can impact the attention your home receives on the market.

New Homeowners Want a Pool

Swimming pools greatly increases the aesthetic value of your home. Homeowners with families and friends are more likely to utilize their pools as a form of both relaxation and recreation. While new homeowners always have the option of installing a pool at a later time, purchasing a home with a pre-installed pool will save you money. Follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ today for creative ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal.

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