What are Laminar Jets?

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When you plan a luxury backyard resort and swimming pool area, you may be looking for features that will distinguish your home from its neighbors or incorporate the latest technology and options.  Laminar jets are often used in water shows, large fountains, and resorts to display unique water effects.  They produce clear or lighted arcs of water that are individually perfect and combine to create a spectacular effect.

Laminar Jets for Swimming Pools

While you may be familiar with laminar jets from water shows and other forms of entertainment, they can be used in swimming pools as well.  The streams from these jets can project outward 8 feet and reach a height of 7 feet.  These uniform arcs can be designed to originate from the decking or hardscape around your pool or the landscape that surrounds it.  They project into your pool, spa, fountain, or any other water feature.

Colorful Lighting Effects for the Pool and Spa

Popular for nighttime use, laminar jets can add a stunning effect when you are entertaining in your outdoor pool area.  The water can give a colorful effect if it the jets are used with an LED lighting source.  With automated controls, the lighting can be set to rotate through a range of colors or it can be set to hold one color, providing you with flexibility and a variety of programming options.

Beyond color effects, the streams from laminar jets can be adjusted vertically and in different directions to create different looks based on the arc shape you prefer.  Originally invented in the United States, laminar jets are specifically designed to straighten the molecules in water so that it gives an appearance similar to glass.  The laminar technology is what causes the water to take on the characteristically clear arcs that the jets are known to produce.  Without this technology, the arcs would not have a smooth, precise look and would become misshapen and rough looking.

Much of the appeal of the arcs created by laminar jets is due to their precision and perfect appearance.  Many people are mesmerized by the beautiful effect that the arc creates because it appears like a piece of solid glass. When the arc is formed, there is an independent path that each water drop traces.  With this level of precision, the jets are capable of creating a stream of water that has no ripples or other imperfections.

Whether you are holding a special event in your backyard such as a graduation party or gathering family and friends for outdoor dining, laminar jets can provide entertainment that elevates your gathering. Lighting effects that draw attention to the pool area can add a bit of elegance or drama to your luxury swimming pool area.

Incorporating Innovative Features to Your Swimming Pool

As with most water features, it is important to have laminar jets properly installed by a professional pool contractor.  Make sure to discuss all of your design ideas so that you can achieve the optimal effect in your luxury swimming pool area. Don’t forget to follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more creative ideas to personalize your luxury swimming pool.

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