What is a Chlorinator?

 In Luxury Swimming Pools

If you are new to pools or if you struggle to sort out all the elements that go into maintaining a luxury swimming pool, then the term “chlorinator” probably sounds like a foreign language. The formal definition for a chlorinator is “a piece of technology that dispenses chlorine automatically throughout a pool.” Having serviced hundreds of pools in New York and Connecticut, Shoreline’s experts notice that many pool owners often overlook chlorine maintenance. Chlorinators not only make your life easier, but they also provide constant chlorine upkeep without you having to do much. Continue reading to learn how chlorinators can help improve your pool’s daily operations.

How Does a Chlorinator Work?

A chlorinator gradually dispenses chlorine or bromine, both sanitizers, into a swimming pool. This kind of pool equipment keeps your backyard oasis chlorinated and sanitized without the need for constant upkeep.

What are the Three Different Types of Chlorinators?

Like other pool equipment, there are different types of chlorinators that help pool owners meet various needs. The following are the different kinds of chlorinators that you can look at for your luxury pool.

  1. Floating Chlorinators: Floating chlorinators are a small plastic vessel that has around 3 pounds of chlorine tablets. You essentially chuck the floating piece into the pool and change it every so often. They are simple and relatively cheap. The downside to a floating piece is that you cannot control how much chlorine dispenses.
  2. Tablet Chlorinators: This kind of chlorinator keeps chlorine tablets and comes in two forms: inline and offline. Inline chlorinators are typically built during a new pool construction since it is hard plumped into the PVC pipe. The offline chlorinator is attached to a few small holes drilled in the PVC pipes. The water flows through those holes into the chlorinator that then sends the water to the pool. Both kinds of chlorinators allow you to adjust the amount of chlorine in the pool.
  3. Salt Chlorinators: Unlike the other two kinds of chlorinators, a salt chlorinator creates its own chlorine. A salt cell and power supply work with a low voltage current. As water flows through the cell, the voltage splits the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a replacement for pre-packaged chlorine. What is excellent about salt chlorinators is that the salt remains in the water, so no need to worry about a lot of dilution. You can super shock a pool with a salt chlorinator super chlorination!

Why Does Your Pool Need a Chlorinator?

Pools should act as a vessel for fun and prove a great summer hangout spot, so the less maintenance, the better. With a chlorinator, you do not have to worry about manually chlorinating your pool. If your pool is not well balanced, it could lead to stains and algae growing in your luxury pool, becoming more challenging to clean and maintain.

Install a Chlorinator with Shoreline Pools

Keeping up on your pool’s chlorine is a great way to get the most out of your luxury pool and preserve longevity. Chlorine upkeep can also reduce reparative costs that could arise due to low maintenance. Need help with your luxury pool’s chlorine needs? Dial (203) 357-1544 to speak to a Shoreline Pools consultant today. We look forward to servicing your pool’s needs.

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