I Have A Tiny Backyard. Can I Still Have A Swimming Pool?

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Not all of us have the luxury of owning a home with a large outdoor living space. Luckily, that isn’t a problem when it comes to swimming pool design! Think of tiny backyards as a blessing in disguise. You have less lawn work, easily keep a closer on the kids and pets, and you have a much smaller budget if you’re looking to renovate. Don’t let your tiny backyard stop you from creating the home of your dreams. Let Shoreline Pools enlighten you on how to build the backyard of your dreams with a few tweaks here and there, no matter the size or volume

Play Around With Pool Shapes For Your Tiny Yard

There is nothing like walking outside on a hot day and taking the plunge into your luxurious swimming pool. Meet with our expert pool designers and construction team to draw up a plan for the shape of your tiny swimming pool. Upon a home visit, the Shoreline team will be able to best identify what style will best mold to your backyard. Visiting the concept of letter-shapes isn’t a bad idea, as it can fit any backyard shape while giving it a modernized appearance. Circle and rectangular swimming pools don’t always work for backyards, especially ones with a small, unconventional surface area. Don’t let misfortune discourage you during the development of your pool. Trust the process and we guarantee that you will find the right swimming pool.

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space With Modern Technology

Take advantage of the 2020 modern-day technology! Do some research and look into contemporary swimming pool designs for tiny backyards because you never know what you may come across. Do the unthinkable and save space by building your swimming pool with a hardcover. When you have guests over and need to maximize space, close the pool and set up the hardcover suitable enough for people to walk on. Avoid purchasing a large shed and save on storage space by installing wall benches for the dual purpose of guest seating and hidden storage for pool supplies. Make the most of your small backyard with little tips and tricks for amplifying the space you do have!

Tiny Swimming Pools With Big Personalities

Take the modern route with your swimming pool. Spice up the aesthetics of your outdoor living space and dramatize your pool by adding contemporary touches. Capture guest’s attention by attaching a small waterfall or stream system to your tiny pool. Give it an extra flair with unique decor and never-before-seen furniture. Go above and beyond by building a canopied deck for a perfect space to relax and sunbathe after a quick dip. Consult your pool construction team for professional advice when it comes to decor for your backyard. There are endless ways to give your tiny pool the biggest personality. Start preparing now for the approaching Summer season!

Spice Up Any Tiny Backyard With A Marvelous Swimming Pool

Take advantage of the intimacy of your tiny backyard and create the living space of your dreams! Whether you are looking to build a swimming pool or revamp your existing one in your tiny backyard, we have got you covered. Small outdoor living spaces are not something to be disappointed over. Capitalize on your investment and turn your tiny backyard into a private resort. Let Shoreline Pools take on this project for you before the Summer season rolls around. Dial (203) 357-1544 and connect with our design team to begin revamping your tiny backyard today! Make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more design inspiration for your small backyard.

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