What Are the Top Trends in Swimming Pool Design for 2015?

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Planning a swimming pool design has never been more exciting, as innovations in swimming pools and spas continue to expand into luxury pool options. Now, you’re not just planning for how your pool will look; you’re planning for a luxury lifestyle in your own backyard.

Here are the top trends in swimming pool design for 2015, to help you envision your pool’s most spectacular features, and how you’ll feel while in your luxury swimming pool environment:

  • Geometric swimming pool shapes. A swimming pool builder can add upscale features to any shape of pool, like waterfalls, swim-up bars, suntanning ledges, sloping entries and more, so you’re not limited to a rectangular pool. In 2015, swimming pool shapes will be more geometric, including square, octagonal, L-shaped, oval, and classic round or rectangular. The beauty of a geometric-shaped pool is that you can custom-design to the shape, layout and size of your yard, getting more pool and poolside features within your space.
  • Water features. Waterfalls, water fountains, cascading water features, water walls and fountain bubblers are just some of the swimming pool water features that are top trends in 2015, and there are few limits to what a swimming pool designer can create with water features. Some exciting designs include sheer water walls, water sconces, and spraying jets enhancing pool, spa and grotto areas in your luxury swimming pool designs. Increasing the appeal of pool water features are LED lighting systems for added drama and mood-setting. For instance, if you want a Zen atmosphere for your pool and spa areas, choose a sheer descent water feature for a quieter effect than a waterfall. And if you want visual flair, deck jets can create different water stream arches, fitted with LED lights for extra dazzle, ideal for nighttime entertaining.
  • Fire features. Adding warmth and a different kind of drama to your swimming pool environment, backyard fire features trending in 2015 include outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, volcano fire pits for a more tropical feel, fire bowls and cauldrons overtaking the chiminea look of years past. With so many built-in fire features available, those little portable fire products are just not luxe nor dramatic enough to impress in a luxury pool setting. One of the most exciting fire feature trends for swimming pools is fire elements appearing to float on top of the pool water, in a floating fire ‘island’ effect, also a Wow Factor for your backyard entertaining. Integrating fire elements into your poolside landscaping is also a trend in today’s swimming pool area design.
  • Knife-edge pools. Similar to infinity pools with that ‘drop-off’ effect you’ve likely experienced at top resorts, ones leading the eye straight out to the horizon and showing off a fabulous sunset or scenic view, knife-edge pools differ from infinity pools in that all four sides have that ‘disappearing edge’ effect, whereas an infinity pool most often features it on one side. Knife-edge pools are known by several names including wet edge pools, slot-edge pools, perimeter pools and Lautner-edge pools. This type of pool has water that sits at the same level as the pool deck, flowing into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter, to create a flat appearance and a mirror-like surface. These designs take great know-how by your pool design company, with their reliance on hydraulic systems and construction methods, and the quality is proven in the beauty of the design, taking your swimming pool to the next level in five-star backyard resort style.
  • Exercise pools combined with a spa. Take your workout in your own swimming pool, with an extended lap pool layout, or a resistance jet feature that lets you swim distances in a smaller pool without the need for flipping around. After your workout is done, soothe your muscles in your pool’s attached hot spa. Exercise pools are among the most in-demand features for new swimming pool designs, as more homeowners are attracted to the ease of working out in their own backyard, and then enjoying the relaxation and muscle-rejuvenation of a spa’s jets.
  • Sloped entry. A sloped entry, also called a beach entry or zero entry, is a style in which one or more of the pool’s sides gradually slope down into the water, much like the way you would walk into the ocean. It’s a popular swimming pool feature for 2015, allowing ease of pool entry, especially good for those who have small children, as well as for the disabled or for elderly guests or pool owners. Beach entry pools are often designed to look like a beach resort, with waterfalls, sand or other shore features, and are often styled with tropical flair such as with palm trees and tropical flowers in poolside landscaping.
  • Baja shelves. These ledges created in swimming pool designs create a platform in water about one foot in depth, where you can set lounge chairs for relaxing in the water without getting fully submerged. It’s a refreshing arrangement, again beach resort in nature, and creates a unique opportunity for your swimmers or sunbathers.
  • Glass tile. The new collections of glass tiles lend an iridescent look to your pool’s design, and are used often to accent vertical walls, or to create rings of glass tiling around the inside of a swimming pool. More durable than ceramic or porcelain tiles, glass tiles for swimming pools add a beautiful touch of color to your pool design, and come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.
  • Lighting effects. From LED lighting in water features and by pool stairs, to uplighting in poolside landscaping, lighting effects influence the mood of your poolside setting, and many lighting systems for pools can be programmed to change color and lighting effects. Your swimming pool designer can work with you to customize your pool lighting features for optimal visuals to show off all the details of your pool design.
  • Aggregate materials. Used in finishing pool interiors, aggregate materials are among the top swimming pool trends for 2015. They come in polished styles made with white or colored plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads, and come in polished and exposed options, to create a smooth surface. Exposed aggregate finishes contain tiny river pebbles or glass beads, to add traction to the pool surface, available in various sizes and colors, which allows for a range of textures and color combinations. Aggregates are more durable than plaster finishes, and add to the luxury style and feel of your pool design.
  • Natural deck materials. A top trend in pool design for 2015 is natural deck materials such as limestone, flagstone and travertine to finish the look of your pool’s surround, with pavers coming in a range of colors and styles to personalize your pool design.
  • Digital features. High-tech features allow you to control your pool and spa’s lighting features, temperature, pumps and pool cleaners via your iPhone or smartphone, and another of the top trends in digital pool features is control of your pool’s security systems as well.
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