What are the Top Ways to Upgrade an Existing Swimming Pool?

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Perhaps you’re unhappy with the swimming pool you installed years ago. Perhaps you’re unhappy with the swimming pool that came with the house you just purchased. Regardless of its origins, if you are interested in upgrading your existing in-ground swimming pool, you will be happy to know that you have many options for raising the luxury level on your pool design, transforming your pool into a resort-style pool setting that feels like a beach resort of your very own

Here are the top ways to upgrade your existing swimming pool, with your pool design company’s assistance and expertise:

  • Create a geometric pool design from your existing pool shape. With geometric pool shapes among the top trends in pool design for 2015, you can transform your rectangular pool into a larger, improved, luxury L-shaped pool if you have the space in your yard. Or, your round pool can be expanded into an octagonal shape for more modern appeal. A square pool can be extended into a rectangular lap pool, or rounded out into a stylish oval-shaped pool.
  • Add a spa. Improve the look, feel and value of your swimming pool by adding on the comfort and bliss of a multi-jet luxury spa. Having the ability to transition from pool to spa can warm your muscles after a swimming exercise session, and entertaining gets cozier in a spa. Talk to your swimming pool design company about the newest styles of spas to select or design the perfect spa system for your swimming pool upgrade plans.
  • Add water features. A wise way to upgrade your swimming pool is to incorporate water elements such as waterfalls, waterwalls, cascading water fountains, water sconces and deck jets – choosing one or a combination of several different water features to create an indulgent feel in your swimming pool setting, and add some calming water sounds to your pool area. Your swimming pool design company can help you design and select the perfect water features for your pool itself, and also for the surrounding areas such as poolside seating area and your poolside landscaping. Add in LED lights to complement your water features, and your pool can take on a whole new look, style and ambiance.
  • Refresh your pool’s edges. Design an infinity pool disappearing edge, or plan for a beach entry slope that can make it easier for you to walk small children into the pool, or make pool use easier for elderly or disabled residents or guests.
  • Refresh your pool’s hardscaping or deck. Using upscale materials, you can create a luxury surround for your pool, making it look more modern, improving the traction around your pool, and extending the enjoyment space around your pool for placing lounge chairs, tables, and seating. Included in your new pool hardscaping plan can be stone steps leading out to your pool and a sitting wall surrounding your pool and seating areas.
  • Add an outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room. An outdoor kitchen improves your outdoor entertaining options, and the new trends in upscale kitchen design let your new outdoor cooking areas and bar improve the value of your home as well. With brand-name appliances, elite cooking options like a wood fire pizza oven, a sub zero refrigerator and wet bar, your outdoor entertaining gets a luxury makeover.
  • Install a sound system. Your pool design company can create a top-tier sound system for your pool area as well as your outdoor entertaining areas, allowing you to play your event’s soundtrack or simply relaxing music to help you unwind after a long day.
  • Choose fabulous seating systems. Add couches, ottomans, tables and other furniture with high-quality all-weather materials, turning your outdoor setting into a designed outdoor setting worthy of a home and lifestyle magazine spread.
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