Save Money With Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment

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When deciding to install or renovate a pool, keeping your system efficient is a key factor in making sure your pool’s life is lengthened. Often, pool owners make the mistake of overlooking eco-friendly and energy-saving elements and instead draw their attention to aesthetics and design. Shoreline Pools is the leader in eco-friendly pool technology and we always recommend investing in quality equipment for any custom-built pool. Efficient equipment will elevate your outdoor space and be the supporting component of your outdoor paradise.

Save More Money With Automatic Pool Covers

When you’re not using your pool, it’s always best to use a pool cover for ample protection. Not only does it keep your outdoor space safe, but it will also keep unwanted debris out of the water while it’s not in use. When unwanted debris and rainwater enter your pool, it can throw off the pH levels and lead to more chemical spending and use, increasing your risk for chlorine-related irritation.

Automatic pool covers do much more than just keep your area safe. Quality pool covers also serve as a heat-trapping device. Heating your pool’s water to the right temperature every time you use it will undoubtedly use higher amounts of energy. Covering your pool will reduce heat loss so you don’t have to wait around for the water to warm up or pay more in utilities.

Behind The Scenes: Quality Pumps & Filters

Thinking about your pool as an entity helps put all of the moving parts into perspective. The pumps and filters that make your pool function serve as the heart and are imperative factors that pool owners should not cut corners on. Opting for state-of-the-art systems will enhance your water clarity, chemical balance, and cut down on pricey costs for replacing broken parts. These aspects will also enhance your outdoor experience as it can lower noise levels and keep your water at the perfect level.

Doesn’t saving $1,000 on an annual utility bill sound like music to your ears? From modern pumps to LED lights, your pool can reach optimal efficiency with the support from Shoreline Pools. Allocating money upfront for high-efficiency pumps and filters will save you money long-term so you can designate that extra cash for your next summer pool party.

Convenient, Cost-Effective Digital Controls At Your Fingertips

Keeping up with basic pool functions has never been easier. With options to set up schedules and synchronized operations, your pool will be running efficiently straight from your smartphone or tablet. Downloading the system app, you can control the pool temperature and make sure everything is set just how you like it at any time and place.

Get More Out Of Your Pool With Eco & Wallet-Friendly Equipment

The most experienced pool owners will tell you that keeping your pool running efficiently is the second most important aspect after safety. Before installing or renovating your pool, it’s important to weigh your options as they can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your pool system. Looking to make the most out of your outdoor space? Think eco-friendly and efficient – it’ll be worth the investment! Connect with Shoreline Pools representative by dialing (203) 357-1544.

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