Summer Backyard Décor Ideas

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Your backyard is the best summer spot for family barbecues, pool parties, planting gardens, entertaining guests, or relaxing in a beautiful space by yourself. The key to success in any of your backyard endeavors stems from creating the perfect atmosphere. So if you want to make a bold statement with a re-designed backyard or you wish to add small decorative touches, these ideas will transform your backyard into a summertime sanctuary.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere with Lights

Let there be light! Try incorporating a strand of string lights, fairy lights, lanterns, candles, or maybe even a fire pit, allowing your backyard to undergo a nighttime transformation. Warm, soft lighting adds an extra cozy element to your backyard and carries the fun into the evening. Lights can even showcase your expert gardening skills by highlighting your favorite plants and flowers.

Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, outdoor lights serve multiple practical purposes as well. For instance, you may want to consider installing lights that guide footpaths, illuminate stairways, and expose pool edges. Taking the time to install lighting in these high-traffic areas will keep you from stubbing your toes, falling down the stairs, or into the pool, giving your family and guests safety and peace of mind.

Furthermore, lighting some decorative citronella candles will repel those pesky mosquitos so you can enjoy your backyard without getting eaten alive. Try creating your unique twist on citronella candles for a fun DIY summertime activity.

Install a Wall Garden for Fashionable Privacy

Wall gardens create privacy in your backyard without having to undergo extensive renovations. This trick will spruce up your fence and add an eye-catching piece to your backyard. For optimal results, our backyard specialists recommend planting annual or perennial vines for thick green coverage.

If you crave a more subtle decoration, succulents and herbs are shallow-rooted and easy to scatter vertically. Try hanging small flowerpots, attaching old gutters, dresser drawers, wooden crates, or even a shoe organizer to plant your favorites on your fence. Virtually anything can become a wall garden accessory with some creativity.

Add a Water Element

When it comes to backyard décor, adding a water element is a complete game-changer. Whether you have a pool as a focal point, a magnificent fountain, a beautiful birdbath, a stunning waterfall, or a small pond, the soothing sound and presence of water will bring calm tranquility to your backyard. For homeowners searching for unlimited creative pool inspiration, check out custom pool designs from Shoreline Pools.

Build a Custom Firepit

Have you tried to pry your family away from their smartphones and spend quality time together? Well, a fire pit can help you gather your family for some yummy hot dogs, delectable S’mores, and some storytelling. Moreover, fire pits are great for sitting back, relaxing, and connecting with your guests after a long afternoon hanging out by the pool. Stone, brick, circle, square, ornate, minimalist — there are many different design options to fit your aesthetic. Firepits also serve as a focal point to structure seating around. Check out our tips for building a custom firepit.

Include a Hammock

A perfectly placed hammock encourages a relaxing mood. Cozy and inviting, a beautiful rope hammock situated between two elegant trees or among garden greenery is the perfect place for a nap. Hammocks will transport you to an island paradise as you sway with the gentle summer breeze.

Make the Most of Your Space with Multipurpose Outdoor Furniture

Trying to elevate your furniture and impress your guests? Homeowners should understand that most outdoor furnishings serve more than one purpose — stools that turn into side tables, tables that turn into benches, reconfigurable sectional sofas, and more. These trendy pieces are great for saving space. Multipurpose furniture serves as a dynamic structure that meets your entertaining needs for every occasion. Not only is the furniture highly functional, but it is also decorative and visually appealing.

Transform Your Backyard This Summer

Creating a beautiful backyard means combining visually appealing elements with functional comfort. These tips are a great starting point to elevate your backyard décor this summer. If you need help thinking of fireplace ideas, are looking to install or renovate your pool, or have general outdoor design inquiries, contact Shoreline Pools today! Dial (203) 357-1544 to connect with the Shoreline team today! For unlimited backyard design inspiration, make sure to subscribe to us on HOUZZ.

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