The Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Landscaping

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Keeping up with pool maintenance is an essential responsibility since routine care will extend a pool’s longevity. At times, homeowners may feel compelled to amplify their backyard’s appearance by undertaking new landscaping projects. Landscaping elevates an outdoor are and creates a welcoming oasis for both family and guests to kick back and relax. More importantly, landscape architecture encompasses so much more than just planting a few pretty flowers and trees. Instead, landscape architecture is the multi-faceted process of designing and planning of outdoor living space

We’re talking about including outdoor dining and entertaining areas, fire features, pool add-ons, and walkways. An outdoor living space that’s masterfully-designed and assembled with immaculate features allows pool owners to get better usage of an exclusive backyard retreat. Do you need help planning your next backyard landscape project? Let Shoreline Pools help you review the basics of pool landscaping.

DO: Keep Your Pool Safe for Children

Due to strict town ordinances, safety protocols should always remain the primary focus for any pool owner. As such, homeowners must erect a fence around the pool’s perimeter, especially with the presence of smaller children and pets. This way, pool owners can relax knowing children will stay safe even with limited supervision. Furthermore, homeowners will benefit from routine upgrades to pool alarms whenever possible. This enhancement ensures that pool owners have the latest technology integrated into safety measures. In addition to adding protections around the surrounding pool area, homeowners should look into slip-free surfaces to better prevent younger children from small cuts and injuries brought on by slips. Surfaces built with tile or stone, for instance, can still have a beautiful appearance while creating a safe area for children to splash around.

DON’T: Plant Grass Around Your Pool

While planting grass around the pool may seem like a terrific idea, in theory, doing so can still cause damage to the pool, which slowly erodes its beautiful aesthetic. Grass will also call for constant upkeep, causing grass clippings to slip into the pool’s water. Nonetheless, some ornamental grasses don’t need routine maintenance since they don’t shed as much. These grass selections may include lemongrass and feather grass, which capture a refreshing look without the need for constant upkeep.

DO: Research Which Plants are Great for Backyards & Pool Areas

At Shoreline Pools, we always guarantee that our clients’ backyards have a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Arranging different plants and flowers in your backyard will help it stand out, transforming it into the preferred oasis to entertain guests and neighbors. The Shoreline Pools team believes that certain plants, such as hibiscus, canna, shrubs, and cacti, can brighten up pool areas regardless of size or design style.

Tropical plants – like hibiscus and canna – offer appealing color to any backyard area. Meanwhile, cacti and shrubs will deliver a delightful assortment of scents you can enjoy as you lounge by the pool. These tropical plants are a great idea due to their vibrant color and light fragrances. These two important characteristics help tropical plants keep curious animals – like squirrels and chipmunks – from damaging these plants by acting as a repellent of sorts. Furthermore, plants like potted citronella grass and mint have a strong scent and will protect children from annoying mosquitos since they act as natural mosquito repellents. Additionally, all these vibrant plants can help create a beautiful, diverse garden that both your family and friends can enjoy all season long!

DON’T: Plant These Specific Plants – Avoid the Insects!

Unfortunately, some plants and trees are more likely to shed and attract a swarm of annoying bugs and insects. A pool area with a lot of bugs and insects is uninviting to most and can easily irritate the skin. Bushes like bottlebrush and bougainvillea shed, grow big, and can spread out, which takes up more space. So while honeysuckles may have an alluring fragrance, they aren’t considered child-friendly since the scent attracts bees, who are more likely to pollinate. Additionally, plants like azalea are beautiful in the springtime and can bring a lot of color to a pool area. Unfortunately, this shrub can also shed a lot, which will require constant upkeep. As such, we feel these types of plants work better in front of the house, where they can freely shed away from your pool’s crystal clear water.

DO: Consider Lounge Furniture and Make The Pool a Go-To Relaxation Spot

A lounge area (with or without a patio) will make a great addition to your pool area’s magnificent appearance. A lounge area is inviting for guests to come over, and it can be a relaxing hot spot for those working after a long day. Anyone in need of unwinding can dive into a refreshing pool and soak up the summer sun for a few hours.

Lounge areas can be a great convenience during pool parties with friends and family and can work even for barbecues or even small get-togethers for kids. Shoreline Pools holds years of experience developing architectural designs that allow for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and outdoor patios that can last from spring to fall. Creating entertaining spaces may take time, but the final result is worth it, thereby transforming your backyard patio into a welcoming space for friends, family, and children to hang out around.

Pool Landscaping: Make Your Pool a Fun & Safe Spot this Summer!

With help from Shoreline Pools’ award-winning team, your pool can become a safe, relaxing retreat for guests of all ages. From having a thrilling time in the pool to relaxing poolside, Shoreline Pools can provide exceptional services for any backyard landscaping project. Over the past five decades, Shoreline Pools has serviced over 4,000 pools along the Northeast coast, delivering award-winning designs that reach from Greenwich to Rhinebeck and as far as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Bahamas. Dial (203) 357-1544 to schedule a consultation with Shoreline Pools’ experts today. Keep up to date with the latest pool trends and tips by following us on HOUZZ.

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