How to Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

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Privacy is essential – your backyard oasis should feel like a secluded retreat, not somewhere you feel bombarded by nosy neighbors and street noises. If you want to give your backyard some more privacy, you can consider adding some plants or building a physical boundary.

At Shoreline Pools, our backyard specialists excel at meeting all your design specifications. Here are some helpful tips to help get your backyard the privacy you deserve.

Create a Physical Boundary for Extra Privacy

If you don’t want to rely on traditional fencing, you still have many alternative methods to consider. For example, you can use a retractable backyard screen. Backyard dividers and screens are available at home improvement stores. You essentially anchor them onto a backyard deck, patio, or even onto concrete using fasteners.

Outdoor Curtains

Are you still looking for better privacy options? Then you may want to hang outdoor curtains around your patio. You can hang outdoor curtains from rope, wire, or rods, and arrange them around your seating area for some additional privacy. You can also hang outdoor curtains from a veranda or pergola for an elegant, flowing look.

Lattice Fences

A lattice fence is another affordable way to enclose an outdoor space. While functional, a lattice fence also serves as a decorative piece. The classic lattice design may come in wood, metal, or vinyl. You can even use them as a medium for plants to grow on.

Shade Sails

If you want privacy from upstairs neighbors, rather than next-door neighbors, you may want to consider buying a shade sail. A shade sail acts similar to an umbrella and gets held in place by cables, rope, or locking clips. You can fasten these clips on nearby trees or the side of your house. While granting more privacy, shade sails function as shade structures that can protect your skin from the sun’s intense rays.

Make Use of Plants for Backyard Privacy

Plants are a good way to gain some extra privacy in your backyard while enhancing the look. Try planting lines of hedges near the edge of your lawn, or along your fence. Aside from granting more privacy, this plant-based fence acts as a windbreaker against harsh winds. Furthermore, the row of shrubs will act as a sound barrier to mitigate any bothersome noise.

If you can’t decide on a type of plant, we recommend you raise some arborvitaes. Arborvitaes are dense, narrow evergreen shrubs that can shoot up to as much as 3 feet per year. Homeowners prefer these types of plants because they’re easy to grow, prefer a lot of sunlight, and have rich green foliage. In other words, they’ll make a wonderful addition to your magnificent backyard. But if you want some pops of color, try flowers like hydrangeas or knock out roses, which bloom for the majority of the year.

Another way to add more privacy to your outdoor space involves utilizing supersized planters. You can place these planters in a row alongside your porch, patio, or other areas in your backyard in need of additional privacy. Inside the planters, you can place flowers or tall grasses that match the rest of your backyard’s aesthetic. Whether that scattering seeds throughout your garden or investing in new florals, you’re bound to find a beautiful new addition to your backyard oasis!

To utilize plants in a more unique way, you can create a hanging plant wall. Use wood, poles, or wires to create a display to hang potted plants on. Whether you purchase hanging plant pots or utilize S-hooks to hang your potted plants, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind privacy feature in your backyard.

Give Your Backyard More Privacy with Shoreline’s Outdoor Living Services

In implementing some of these solutions, you’ll be able to gain a greater sense of privacy in your backyard. Does your backyard need some TLC? Contact Shoreline Pools today for help creating your private outdoor oasis. Dial (203) 357-1544 today to speak with the Shoreline Pools team about giving your backyard some more privacy. Are you searching for more tips to add extra privacy to your backyard? Check out our project gallery on HOUZZ for unlimited inspiration.

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