Types of Swimming Pool Slides

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If you have a pool, adding a slide can provide even more fun to your summer adventures! A pool with a slide allows family and friends to make memories right in your backyard all while sliding towards aquatic fun. While each type slide contribute to the pool’s aesthetics and will make your backyard the place to be for summer fun, which one should you choose? Our pool experts share the many different types of slides that homeowners can install such as the straight leg slide, molded slide leg, and elephant leg slide.

Straight Leg Slide

The shape of this type of slide is straight near the top with a wide curve at the end when one lands into the pool. Additionally, the straight leg slide has an open or closed stairway that proves the slide to be spacious, making it one of the best types of pool slides for young families. A closed stairway may be better for young children to prevent injuries while an open stairway may be better suited for older children and adults. The stairs act as a ladder for this type of slide that allows for a variance in height; the slide can be tall or short depending on what one desires. Generally, the height of a straight leg slide ranges from 12 to 8 feet tall. A straight leg slide fits perfectly with smaller pools due to its simple shape.

Molded Slide Leg

The molded slide leg generally has a steeper and curvier design. Molded slide legs typically curve to the right or left at the end which makes the ride down the slide more fun. Like the straight leg slide, owners also have the opportunity to determine the height of a molded slide leg, as one can alter the height of the stairway according to the layout of the slide itself. Typically, the molded slide leg is about eight feet tall and includes a closed stairway to prevent young children from climbing unattended.

Elephant Leg Slide

A truly individual type of slide, many know the elephant leg slide for its one-of-a-kind shape. The two main types of elephant leg slides are the G-Force pattern and the stream design; each embody the idea of fun at the pool! The G-Force pattern has a curvy shape that resembles a cavatappi pasta noodle or DNA strand in the shape of a helix and is about nine feet tall in height. A stream elephant leg slide appears like the shape of a molded slide leg, but with a steeper drop at the beginning of the slide rather than at the end of the ride. The stream design is very tall with a height of 14 feet and is large in size.


Installing a slide in your pool can be simple; however, the process includes some considerations regarding the depth of the pool and the footprint of the slide. The footprint is the amount of space required to install the slide legs and ladder. The slide must be tall enough for one to plunge into the pool and risk injury when entering so fast. In addition, each type of slide has its own weight capacity depending on height, build, and width. Depending on your location and installation method, you may require a contract to install a slide to your pool.

Each type of slide has a water safety envelope, which acts as the entrance to the pool. But you need to secure the water safety envelope prior to use. Homeowners can add weight to the water safety envelope within the restriction and then gently apply pressure to avoid injuries later on.


Pool owners should consider intricate details about the design of the slide. For example, the slides come in a variety of colors, so owners may consider what colors best suit their outdoor landscape. The colors the slides normally come in include blue, grey, taupe, or brown.

The slide’s location also involves some decision-making. Placement of slides may be atop a waterfall design or cross over a moat of flowers. One can add these types of designs into an area of a yard that is already in place or construct them during the addition of the slide itself. An owner can truly personalize a pool and add an exclusive touch to the look of his or her summer paradise.

Slide into a Super Summer

A slide can truly add something special to both a pool and a backyard’s aesthetic; not to mention they’re a blast during a blistering hot summer day. Contact Shoreline Pools today to learn more installing a slide to your luxury pool!

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