What is a Vanishing Edge Pool?

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Serene, unique and luxurious, a vanishing edge pool helps create a defined space in your own backyard. A vanishing edge pool tricks the eye as if merging into the ocean, sky, or mountains in the background. The unique water flowing over the pool’s edge creates the relaxing feeling of having no boundaries. Commonly referred to as an infinity pool, disappearing edge pool, or a negative edge pool, a vanishing edge pool transforms a backyard into a tranquil oasis. Because this style of pool is the ultimate in luxury, you can typically find them at high-end resorts, estates with incredible views, or beachfront hotels.

The Cost of a Vanishing Edge Pool

While luxury in-ground pools begin at approximately $40,000 including materials and installation, a basic vanishing edge swimming pool is particularly high-end. A vanishing edge pool which features one edge wall, average between $70,000-$80,000. The price tag should not discourage homeowners from investing as vanishing edge pools can increase the overall value of your home by approximately 7%-10%. Higher property value will go a long way if you ever decide to sell your property.

Building a Vanishing Edge Pool

Installing a vanishing edge swimming pool requires extensive structural, mechanical, and architectural detailing that should be left to a professional. A detailed installation includes ensuring the pool’s walls rise to the determined water level and not above it, requiring expert architectural detailing. Pool construction requires strategic blueprints to ensure that the constructed pool remains completely still and flat with steady water flow spilling over.

How the Water Flows

The one water level wall(s) slope downward away from the pool, which creates that beautiful waterfall effect. The overflow falls into a “catch pool”, also known as a surge chamber. The catch pool has a small basin that sits beneath the vanishing edge, collecting water and recirculating it back into the main pool. The overflow basin has to contain a small reserve of water to cycle properly keeping the chemistry balanced.

Creating the Perfect Illusion

Vanishing edge pools are designed so that the edge and the basin are invisible when standing in and around the swimming pool; in front of the pool, above the pool on a balcony, or from a window vantage point. A vanishing edge pool is the ideal pool design for non-traditional backyards that have enough square footage beyond the pool to install the basin. Vanishing edge pools create a sort of reflecting or mirror-like surface, highlighting its surroundings. These types of pools are cohesive with a modern designed space.

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