Shoreline Pools’ Top 10 Blogs of 2016

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As top luxury pool designers, we at Shoreline Pools want to provide our customers with the latest and greatest pool innovations in our blog. We invite our readers to dive in and learn how and what to incorporate into their custom pool design, to make their pool and poolside events stand out among all rest.

Throughout 2016, we’ve provided you with tips and tricks to encompass into your upscale pool design. As your pool and the year 2016, comes to a close, we’ve highlighted some of our most popular blogs that will help you prepare for 2017. From summer pool party themes to winterizing your pool, our Top 10 Blogs of 2016, will help make planning next summer one to look forward to.

10. How to Winterize Your Pool

As summer ends, so does swim season, which means its time to start the essential process of winterizing your pool. This is necessary because winterizing your pool protects it from damage caused by freezing water while also keeping it as clean as possible for next summer. The process may seem difficult, but our Shoreline Pool experts explain the simple process in our how to winterize your pool blog.

9. 6 Common Swimming Pool Myths

We’ve all heard some tall tales surrounding pools. Can chlorine really turn hair green? There are many pool myths swimming around that we want to put an end to. These misconceptions about swimming pools may be affecting your decision about getting your dream pool and we won’t stand for that! To find out just how many of these myths are true, read our blog now.

8. Using Your Pool for a Staycation

Instead of spending a ton of money on traveling have a “staycation!” where you can create a paradise just a few steps away right in your backyard. It’s the perfect way to escape any of life’s stresses, while saving tons of money. Find out why it’s becoming extremely popular all around the world by reading our blog

7. 7 Summer Pool Party Themes

How do you make your party stand out from your neighbor’s? Throw a themed party, of course! Need a little inspiration for your next pool party theme? Look no further because we’ve crafted some awesome pool party themes that will delight your guests and make your neighbors jealous. Use this list when planning your next summer celebration.

6. The Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

When deciding whether or not to purchase a pool, many homeowners do not consider the hidden health benefits that a pool can provide. Just what exactly are these health benefits? Read our blog to discover these shocking health benefits that you may have overlooked!

5. How to Create Privacy in Your Outdoor Pool Area

Privacy is key to creating an outdoor oasis for you and family to enjoy. There are numerous amazing landscaping solutions that can be completed at your command. Learn all your many options that will give you the privacy you desire.

4. Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Hosting outdoor events and celebrations is perfect for your gorgeous backyard. You may just need a little inspiration to help you plan your next unforgettable event. Read these list of simple, yet elegant ideas to help entertain your guests.

3. How to Prepare for Swimming Season

Swimming season always comes up quickly, and it will be here before you know it! Follow these steps in order to avoid any problems or delays for summer!

2. Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Spring Pool Opening

Opening your pool is a magical time of the year. The weather is finally nice after a long winter and you’re probably ready to dive into your pool! Unfortunately, opening a pool can also be extremely involved when it comes to assessing supplies needed the condition of your pool, pumps and other mechanisms.

It’s best to leave your pool opening in the hands of a Shoreline Pools professional. Learn all the benefits of why hiring a pool professional to open your pool is the right choice in our blog!

1. Why Swimming Lessons Are Important in the Winter

Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t necessarily mean its time to stop with the swimming lessons. It might be hard to believe, but swimming lessons are important all year round and should continue throughout the winter. We’ve listed benefits for your children to have lessons throughout the winter season.

These are just a few highlights of the many great blogs available at your fingertips. For more information regarding expert tips contact us at Shoreline Pools today. Be sure to explore our blog for refreshing tips and the latest pool technology and design trends that homeowners cannot afford to miss!

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