What to Expect When Building a Swimming Pool: A Project Manager’s Point of View

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For most homeowners, building an in-ground swimming pool happens only once, which means the learning curve is very steep. Not knowing what to expect can be intimidating and requires an enormous amount of trust in your swimming pool builder and landscape architect. Our Project Managers have done this a time or two, and here is their honest advice for what to expect when building an in-ground pool in your backyard

A Huge Mess

There’s no way around it, your back yard will be a construction site with dirt, holes, metal and machinery, and it won’t look very presentable for several weeks. However, a messy construction site shouldn’t be disorganized or unsafe. A reputable swimming pool builder will ensure that all tools and machines are properly stored when not in use and warning barriers in-place throughout the project. Personal effects (clothing, leftover wrappers, lunch boxes, etc.) should not be left on your property when employees are not on-site.

A Multitude of Workers Moving In and Out

Building a swimming pool requires experts from many different trades e.g. electricians, excavators, masons, plumbers, etc. you will undoubtably see new faces on your property throughout the duration of construction. However, you should also expect a consistent presence from a Field Supervisor and Project Manager assigned to your job. The Project Manager is responsible for anyone on your property, so if you have concerns about any activity, your first call should be to your Project Manager.

The Unexpected

The cliché “expect the unexpected”, is actually fairly good advice when building a swimming pool. No matter how seasoned your swimming pool builder and landscape architect are, the fact remains that they cannot know for sure what’s under the ground until they start digging. A reputable swimming pool builder will make you aware of potential hurdles that may be encountered and solution options before any digging begins.

Open Communication

We can only speak for Shoreline, but as a homeowner, we believe you should expect open and constant communication from your Project Manager including timelines, notice of changes, materials details, budget changes, etc. Your Project Manager should be available via phone or email to answer questions you have during business hours and should be reachable for immediate assistance should an urgent issue arise outside of normal business hours.

Partner with the Project Managers at Shoreline Pools

As with all types of construction, things get messier before they get better when building a custom swimming pool. Selecting a contractor who you trust to guide you through the construction process can make all the difference in your stress level and appreciation of the final product. At Shoreline, we’re committed to guiding you through the construction phase as smoothly and quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your swimming pool for many years to come. Remember to follow us on HOUZZ for unlimited backyard design ideas.

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