Why is My Swimming Pool Pressure So High? 

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Proper swimming pool care begins with understanding all of the moving parts your system has. For even the most experienced pool owners, taking care of their swimming pool doesn’t come without the resurgence of common issues. One that owners face, or will face in their pool’s lifetime, is high filter pressure. It seems complicated, right? But why is the pool pressure so high in the first place? How can I manage it? Whether it is cloudy water, basic cleaning, or water pressure, these simple fixes and tips will have your pool ready for opening day

Understanding Press & Properly Reading The Gauge

The first step to assessing pool filter pressure is reading the gauge on the filter itself. This can be found on top of the pool filter and should read anywhere from 0 to 60 PSI. When you first install your pool or new filter system, it’s important to keep track of this number as it will be the guide as to what is a normal PSI for your pool when it is properly and efficiently running. For the most part, you should pay attention to any number that reads 10 PSI over the original. However, since every pool requires unique and specific care, it’s best to check in with your local pool professionals if you’re unsure where to begin.

When you read and identify your pool’s PSI number, a high number will tell you that water is not flowing properly or fast enough through your filter. This can lead to dirty or cloudy pool water. On the other hand, when it is too low, water is not getting to your filter in the first place.

Proper Cleaning & Upkeep

Typically, fixing your pool’s high filter pressure requires disassembling and cleaning the filter. Cleaning your pool’s filter should be a part of weekly pool maintenance because this system is what keeps your water looking crystal clear.

Pool Service

Avoiding this maintenance step can do a great deal of damage and cost you more time and money in the future. To not sink yourself into a deeper hole, regularly check your filter gauge and clean out your filter for optimal pool pressure and clean water.

Replacing Your Filter

Now that you have a clean filter, it’s time to reassess the situation. But what happens when you’ve waited ample time and your pool pressure is still high? This means that it’s time to replace your filter system. If you have’t replaced your pool filter in quite some time, this may be the reason why the pressure is reading high. When you’re looking to replace your system, and do your research as the right system is key to better functionality and longevity. If you’re unsure about the reason for your high filter pressure and have recently replaced your system, for example, replacing the gauge can also be an option to get your pool back to normal.

Stay Cool Under Pressure

The next time your pool pressure reads high, make sure to follow these quick tips to identify the issue. You can fix the problem by following basic cleaning routines or replacing the outdated system. We understand that life gets in the way. If you’re looking for premium pool maintenance and support, contact the pool professionals at Shoreline pools. We’re ready to answer all of your pool pressure and filter questions; dial (203) 357-1544 today. Don’t forget to follow Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for inspiration you can use on your next backyard project.

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