Tips for Using Your Outdoor Pool Area in the Cold Weather

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After you invest in a custom pool construction and landscaping, you want to use your outdoor area as much as possible.  With the addition of features such as fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor heating systems, and proper lighting, you can continue enjoying your backyard during all but the coldest days of the year.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

When you are looking to take some chill out of the air or create a cozy atmosphere, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is a great choice.  Nothing replicates the scent and sound of a wood fire as it crackles, but there are gas and propane options available as well.  If you don’t want to dedicate space to a permanent fireplace feature or require a high heat output, fire pits are a great, portable option that allows you to change up your outdoor area for entertaining and relaxing.  Easy to gather around, they create the same feel as a campfire, allowing you to roast snacks over the flame and warm up from the radiant heat.

Outdoor Heating Systems

For maximum warmth in your custom swimming pool area, an outdoor heating system is highly effective.  Coming in gas and electric models, patio heaters cover variable diameters depending on their size, with many being able to heat a 20 foot area.  Large heaters sit on the ground, but most have wheels so that they can be moved to specific sections of your outdoor entertaining area.  Safety features are built in to most models as well, with anti-tilt switches ensuring that the heater turns off if it tips or falls.

Infrared are available in portable and ceiling-mounted versions.  Unlike patio heaters, which are meant to heat a specific area on their own, infrared heaters are spaced throughout your custom designed backyard area to provide even heating.  They produce heat by thermal radiation rather than producing warm air, making them more efficient and effective, particularly in large spaces or outdoor areas.  This also makes them quiet, since they simply transfer energy and do not require a fan component.  Since they begin to work immediately, you can turn them on and begin entertaining without a long wait time.

Pool Enclosures

When your neighbors are busy beginning to think about winter pool maintenance, you may be able to continue using yours if it is contained within a swimming pool enclosure.   With the option of having a structure attached to your house or free-standing, you can benefit from having your pool shielded from the elements.  A heated enclosure in particular ensures that the space surrounding your pool is warm and comfortable nearly year-round.

Proper Lighting

If you are entertaining or using your pool area during the months when it gets dark earlier, proper lighting is important for safety and security.  People can maneuver more easily when steps, pathways, and patio areas are well lit during parties and evenings spent in the backyard, and they tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed.  For a soft glow and warm ambiance, low-voltage lighting in the areas surrounding the pool and entertaining areas is another popular choice.

Whether you work with your NYC pool contractor on selecting a full pool enclosure or a deck design that includes the ideal heating and lighting solution, it is possible to use your custom backyard area during the colder months.

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