What is a Tranquility Pool?

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Luxury resorts often have a pool designated for adults only, a place designed for relaxation, reading, and enjoying a cocktail.  Unlike pools that are suited for family swimming, which can become crowded and loud, these tranquility pools are the perfect spot for a peaceful dip or a poolside nap.  For those who are interested in bringing a tranquil feeling to their own backyard, this type of pool is a great choice for a luxury swimming pool area.

When it comes to planning a tranquility pool, many homeowners use luxury resorts as inspiration for their designs.  Unlike pools designed specifically for swimming and water sports activities, this type of custom addition to a backyard serves entertaining and relaxation purposes.  Whether it serves as the backdrop for a party or a place to unwind after a long day, a tranquility pool often has features that create an overall scenic environment.  Cascading waterfalls and other running water elements lend visual interest to the custom pool area, with their soothing sounds also contributing to the calm feeling.  Other popular water features include stone fountains, some with elaborate carvings.

Some homeowners design a tranquility pool to create a lavish environment in their backyards.  At a resort this generally includes having attentive cabana service and waiters ready to assist with your needs.  Even without such a staff, cabanas are a stylish addition to the pool area that creates pockets of privacy that can feel lavish during parties.  Outdoor couches and comfortable seating turn the custom pool area into an extension of the home, serving as an additional room when weather permits.

Often tranquility pools take advantage of the natural landscape, being situated in places where sunset views are best or where there are interesting natural features to highlight.  Freeform shapes are popular as their softer edges distinguish this type from lap pools and other traditional styles and help them to blend into the natural environment.  The flowing curves are often combined with flagstone or natural rock to further suggest that the pool is a hidden pond or naturally occurring backyard feature. Incorporating a beach style entry also contributes to the feel of the tranquility pool being a natural backyard element.  With a gradual walk-in entry instead of pool steps, this allows people to walk on a slope into the shallow end of the pool as they would at the beach.

If a home is situated on a hill and also near a lake or ocean that is just beyond the pool area, vanishing edges are a way to take advantage of the elevation change and view.  With a back wall that is lower than the rest of the pool, this style allows the pool to seemingly blend into the distance.  A hidden basin catches the water that falls over the lower edge.

With the intention of making the tranquility pool area feel like a true sanctuary, homeowners can select features that are reminiscent of a luxury resort, bringing a vacation-like feel to their NYC backyards.

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