2022 Eco-Friendly Pool Trends

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Summer is here, and we can feel its wrath across the country due to the intense heat waves in the US in recent weeks. With the raging heat, there’s nothing more refreshing than lounging in a cold pool all day. However, concerns about environmental consciousness and sustainability in the pool industry have skyrocketed this past year due to the alarming 2022 IPCC report detailing how climate change will affect us in the coming years.

When it comes to pools, how can homeowners keep their pools luxuriously clean and enjoyable while remaining environmentally conscious? Luckily, Shoreline has expert insight on the eco-friendly pool trends that will dominate this summer to keep pool time fun and sustainable.

Moss-Filtered Pools

Did you know that instead of filtering your pool water with harmful chemicals like chlorine, which inhibit the growth of essential microorganisms, you can use moss? Moss-filtered pools reduce overall water consumption due to the lessened need to “backwash” the pool water to clean it.

These pools use minimal chlorine, allowing water to filter through plants and their roots. There is proof to back the effectiveness of moss-filtered pools: the University of Maryland uses this method to filter two on-campus pools, claiming that moss filtration “reduces chemical use by 40% and water consumption by 75%, while saving the university $6,663 per year after moss costs,” according to The Guardian. In addition to being eco-friendly, you can also save money using moss!

Natural Pools

A “natural pool” is a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to construct your pool. Rather than using concrete and fiberglass, gravel and clay are used. As an alternative to an expensive and unsustainable pool filtration system, aquatic plants can reduce the need for chemicals like chlorine, while simultaneously enriching the pool with oxygen and creating an environment for healthy bacteria and natural aquatic life.

If you don’t want to make your pool a breeding ground for aquatic life, there are also eco-friendly structures that you can integrate into your pool setup. Green roofs and vertical gardens will serve as a wonderful addition to a natural pool since they heighten your backyard oasis’s natural aesthetic.

Solar Powered Heating

Keeping a pool heated to a comfortable and custom temperature during the summer months is one of the many luxuries of pool ownership. However, the methods for this heating can sometimes be unsustainable. Luckily, there are many alternative options to keep your pool warm while caring for the planet.

You can reduce your eco-friendly pool heating costs by up to 20% by using high-efficiency condensing boilers, according to The Pool Passion. By using solar blankets, energy-efficient heat pumps, or solar panels, you can save money and the climate. Other large-scale efforts to heat pools sustainably include heating through wastewater treatment or energy-efficient condensing boilers.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Witnessing your pool lights glow under the water at night is both a fun family experience, as well as a necessary facet of pool safety. Consider switching your pool lights to LED lightbulbs, which last longer and consume less energy. Compared to regular incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs consume approximately 75% less energy and last 25 times longer, according to The Pool Passion. You can also replace lighting around the perimeter of your pool with solar-powered lighting, which emits less carbon and helps reduce energy consumption as well.

Build the Eco-Friendly Pool of Your Dreams with Shoreline!

All these solutions range from simple to more complex, but every step towards environmental consciousness is beneficial. Feel better as a homeowner and member of society by doing your part to protect the planet through your pool maintenance. Here at Shoreline Pools, we can help you build or renovate the pool of your dreams, factoring in methods of environmental consciousness — depending on your preference. Check out our blog for more eco-friendly pool design inspiration! Dial (203) 357-1544 to connect with our pool design team.

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