Hardscape Trends Dominating 2022

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With an exciting new year ahead of us, 2022 is bringing hardscaping trends to spruce up your backyard. As folks prepare to spend more time outdoors this summer, an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space is in demand for pool owners and backyard barbecue enthusiasts alike. The Shoreline Pools team is eager to share our favorite hardscaping trends and essential features to create a luxury backyard experience in 2022!

Multipurpose Functionality

Your backyard plays a variety of distinct roles—a relaxing spa, a vegetable/flower garden, a playground, a dining area, a cozy fall venue, an outdoor restaurant, a water park, and so much more. When your backyard serves so many purposes, you will need a solid foundation.

This 2022 hardscaping trend comes in extra handy to convert your space with ease to accommodate different seasons. For example, some folks like to add extra warmth in the fall and spring with a firepit. The firepit can then convert to an aquatic garden or fishpond in the summer months for a spectacular design element. Additionally, using a stone retaining wall that doubles as a bench will add extra seating to your backyard space. Weather-proof furniture pieces that double as storage are excellent for storing away extra pillows, blankets, towels, and toys.

Fire Features and Lighting

Fire features will continue to be a winning hardscaping trend in 2022. The ambiance and extra heat are wonderful for cool summer evenings or crispy fall afternoons. Firepits extend your outdoor season earlier in the springtime and well into the fall. A firepit offers a traditional campfire experience of roasting marshmallows, giving your loved ones a reason to get away from their screens and spend some quality time together.

Fire is not the only ambient lighting required for your 2022 backyard barbecue. With string lights, lanterns, fairy lights, candles, outdoor heaters, and pool lighting, you can create a moody backyard your friends and family will love! Lighting is also an important safety feature. Add soft lighting to outline steps, pathways, and near the pool to keep your loved ones from trips and falls.

Extended Outdoor Living with Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living Rooms

After a few years of social distancing and staying home, extending your living space outdoors is a fantastic way to make your home feel larger and safely accommodate guests. An integrated outdoor kitchen/living space means you can barbecue while watching a football game and watch your kids swim in the pool. Hardscaping brings your lifestyle outdoors, giving guests some much-needed fresh air and a new way to enjoy the summertime.

Sustainable Outdoor Features

In 2022, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Outdoor features such as stone pathways, patios, stairways, decks, fences, and sculptures can prevent erosion and minimize grey water pollution. Permeable features allow the water to properly irrigate the soil and avoid excess runoff from entering stormwater drains (often carrying pollution into important waterways).

Retaining walls will mitigate erosion while helping water drain properly in your yard. Stone, brick, and cement retaining walls are beautiful design elements that play an influential role in proper drainage. If you have trouble spots with flooding, incorporating a pond can recycle grey water to other areas of your backyard that need it. With high-tech irrigation systems in place, you can optimize your lawn and greenery while using less water.

Start Your Hardscaping Project with Shoreline Pools

As Spring approaches, pool owners and backyard dwellers can take advantage of the pre-season to work on a hardscaping design. If you want to extend your outdoor living space this summer, Shoreline can help you implement these 2022 hardscape design trends to upgrade your outdoor space. Our professionals work with you to incorporate design and function to deliver the ultimate aesthetic and seamless indoor/outdoor experience. Dial (203) 357-1544 today to learn more!

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