Breathtaking Pool Design Trends Dominating 2022

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Despite the ongoing global pandemic, the swimming pool industry managed to soar to new heights during the last two years. The lockdown inspired innovative pool design trends, which will surely pop up in 2022 and beyond. With summer rapidly approaching, homeowners can bring backyard dreams to life with a 100% unique in-ground pool.

If you plan on renovating your luxury swimming pool or you wish to build a new one, Shoreline Pools has the inside scoop on the latest design trends. From smart technology to exquisite water features, consider adding a combination of these features to your outdated pool.

Swim-Up Bar

Swim-up bars are becoming the new hit feature for luxury swimming pools since they can take pool parties to the next level. These structures typically contain barstool seating, a countertop, and a dry area outside of the pool for making delicious finger food and boozy drinks. Whether you want to host a barbecue, birthday, or holiday party, we guarantee that your swim-up bar will be a hit. Try serving all your favorite drinks and snacks on your new pool-side countertop, or take a look at Shoreline Pool’s three easy recipes for crowd-pleasing cocktails.

The design of the countertop is up to your imagination; however, the top choices are typically flat or curved and built with a variety of materials including tile and stone. Homeowners may elect to have the building material and color of their swim-up bar visually blend with the rest of the pool. But that doesn’t mean contrasting the two is off the table entirely. On the contrary, contrasting the swim-up bar with the rest of the pool ensures your swim-up bar is the focal point of your backyard.

Rain Wall

Nicknamed “water curtains,” rain walls remain an immensely popular feature for modern pools. Rain walls create a sheet of water which gives the illusion of a waterfall. Requiring minimal maintenance, rain walls boost the ambiance of your pool, reduce your stress, and are incredibly relaxing. The rain wall, acting as a waterfall, provides a soothing white noise that calms the brain. Listening to the trickles of water soothes your mind and body which is why rain walls are among the most breathtaking pool design trends in 2022.

Through automation, you can control water speeds from your mobile device. In most cases, rain walls require eight gallons per minute per water per foot (GPM/ft). In other words, more water will make the waterfall heavier and louder.

There are many different models to choose from, ranging from one to six feet long and six to twelve inches of lip descent. If you want to add a bonus feature to your rain wall, consider installing LED lights to illuminate the water. This customization will add an extra layer of extravagance to your pool for family and friends to enjoy all summer long.

Smart Technology Automation

Apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Having an app that controls pool equipment, water features, water temperature, the filter, the LED lighting, and more simply makes too much sense. The integration of smart-technology automation with luxury swimming pools allows for maintenance and complete control of your pool in the palm of your hand. In 2022, luxury pools will rarely be built without this technology.

The Ultimate Outdoor Living Area

As 2022 commences, outdoor living areas will continue to remain at the forefront of social interaction. To complement your swimming pool, it’s time to revamp your outdoor living area. Consider new furniture, lights, art, shade, outdoor kitchen, and fireplaces. Outdoor artwork or sculpture is on the rise because it adds a layer of visual interest to your backyard.

Niche Pools: A Pool for Any Occasion

Niche pools are a variety of shapes and depths which make them unique. Niche swimming pools are unique and, typically, smaller pools. Mark our words when we say niche pools will become more prevalent in 2022. Smaller families with small backyards opt for niche pools because they cannot fit traditional-sized pools. A popular niche pool example is a cocktail pool. A cocktail pool is similar to a spa because jets are installable. Plunge pools are also gaining popularity. Deeper than cocktail pools, they are designed for relaxation or fitness because of the ability to do water aerobics in them.

According to The Compass, plunge pool sizes tend to range between 2 meters and 7 meters in length, by 2 or 3 meters wide. Most plunge pools are built relatively shallow unless you plan to exercise in them. To provide relaxation, they typically have a large bench for seating so you can comfortably enjoy the water. Niche pools are consistently among the top pool design trends and will continue to be throughout 2022.

Let There Be Light!

Proper lighting plays a pivotal role in achieving a flawless ambiance in your swimming pool area. Whether you want to relax by the pool or set the scene for a party, pool lights provide the ability to adapt to changing environments. Along with traditional white lights, the new year brings a surge in vibrant colors. LED lights are the most popular because they are brighter, longer-lasting, and more energy-efficient. With smart technology, lights are easily controlled from your phone to set whichever kind of ambiance you desire.

Hire a Professional to Give You Pool Design Trend Guidance!

It’s time to bring 2022’s top pool design trends to life in your private backyard oasis. Hiring an experienced professional, like Shoreline Pools, will make your visions come to life. Let Shoreline Pools be your one-stop shop for LED lighting, niche pools, outdoor living area, smart technology automation, extravagant features, or anything pool-related you have come to the right place! Dial (203) 357-1544 today to connect with Shoreline Pools’ renowned team of pool designers. Don’t forget to follow us on HOUZZ for unlimited pool design inspiration!

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