Hardscape Trends of 2020

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Summer 2020 may seem different due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Between canceled vacations, rescheduled barbecues, and postponed graduation parties, we’ve embraced staying home as the new norm. Since you have all the time in the world, try applying your attention elsewhere by building the perfect oasis right in your backyard. Giving your backyard a facelift can take your mind off the global pandemic while preparing your space for when the lockdown eventually ends.

For your first task, let’s explore some popular hardscape trends taking over 2020. Figuring out the precise hardscape features for your home takes a lot of work. While working at home, trying to find the time to redecorate your yard can be difficult. At Shoreline Pools, our team can assist in transforming your backyard into the dream getaway for you, your family, and close friends.

Installing the Perfect Fire Pit

Fire pits add warmth to your space as well as a relaxation factor to come home to after a long day at the office. Few things compare to relaxing around a warm fire pit on a chilly summer night. Whether it’s family game night or an intimate gathering with friends, cozy up next to the fire pit to roast s’mores and have great conversation. Fire pits come in all different sizes and materials, such as wood burning, brick and stone, propane, gel fuel, and natural gas fire pits. So, if you have a deck, gravel, grass, or rocks then you’ll have plenty of options that will match your backyard’s cohesive theme. Depending on the size of your backyard, you’ll want a fire pit that won’t eat up too much space. Gel fuel fire pits are ideal for small patios and mid-sized backyards. They can be placed on tabletops, they are child-safe, and they produce a low level of heat compared to other fire pits. For a larger backyard, consider wood burning fire pits. This allows for grilling, cooking, and entertaining. Revamp your backyard this summer by installing a fire pit!

Installing a Quality Outdoor Kitchen

Wood-burning pizza, delicious grilled veggies, and freshly baked bread- you can bring the joy of cooking to the great outdoors this summer by installing a new outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens are a great installment for summer 2020. Focus on key features that your indoor kitchen might not have like a wood-burning oven or a bar, and incorporate that into your outdoor kitchen. Having a kitchen in your backyard is so convenient, especially on days where you can’t get the kids out of the pool and you want to enjoy dinner on the patio. Get ready to wave “Goodbye” to smelly and sweaty indoor kitchens this summer because this is your next must-have installation for your backyard paradise.

Bring Your Living Space Outdoors

Do you feel tired of sitting in your living room on warm summer nights? Us too, which is why we prefer to bring the fun outside! You can create a living space right in your backyard for the ultimate outdoor lounge spot. Purchase outdoor furniture pieces like a couch, some comfy chairs, and a small table that can withstand all weather conditions. Hang outside on a sunny summer day or enjoy your outdoor area on a chilly night under the stars. Take your outdoor living space to the next level by adding a projector screen. Get the drive-in movie experience in the comfort of your backyard. Movie nights at your house will definitely be a neighborhood hotspot!

Maximize Your Backyard with Luxurious Hardscape Enhancements

From sitting by the fire, cooking outside, and watching movies on your newest outdoor couch, your backyard can’t get much better than that! Adding small yet luxurious enhancements to your backyard will have you forgetting all about the vacation you canceled. Everything you need to relax and have a good time at home is right through the back door. Shoreline Pools has built and serviced over 4,000 swimming pools in the New York Tri-State area and as far as the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Bahamas. Maximize your outdoor experience by contacting Shoreline Pools today! Dial (203) 357-1544 to connect with our servicing team.

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