Pool Landscaping: Best Plants For Your Pool Area

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All swimming pools can use a makeover once in a while, right? Decorate your lavish pool and create the backyard of your dreams just with a landscaping upgrade. You finished the hard part, now just polish the set up with some colorful greenery. Plants are gorgeous additions to any home, indoor and out, and can lift spirits in any situation. Flowers are given as gifts every day for all occasions, so why not spruce up your outdoor living space with some greenery too? Let Shoreline Pools fill you in on your landscaping options and what will work best for your luxurious backyard

Simple & Sleek

Not every pool owner is looking for an extravagant resort-style outdoor living space for their home. Sometimes the swimming pool is the star of the show, and the landscaping is the backup dancers. Let your pool do the talking and go for a minimal landscaping look for your backyard. Take contemporary to the next level with a spacious patio and limited amounts of landscaping. Look away from the classic concrete pavement and check out grass instead of an all-over seamless green vision. Utilize your outdoor space the way you like it, simple and sleek.

Take It To The Tropics

We all love a beautiful vacation to the tropical islands. Now you can wake up in a resort every day with views of a gorgeous pool and tropical vegetation in your very own backyard. By combining a mixture of concrete pathways and lovely green landscaping, your outdoor living space will shift from an average backyard to a tropical vacation spot in a matter of days. Build a private space with tall palm trees or create an open layout with patches of coastal beach grass. Whatever your pool preference, you have endless options when it comes to landscaping.

Bursting With Flowers

Take a different route with pool landscaping and decorate your backyard with copious amounts of flowers. Create a garden fantasy with splashes of color throughout your backyard from red roses to blue hydrangeas. Get the privacy you want without obvious oversized fences by growing ivy overtop to conceal their true purpose. Feel at peace every time you step outside into your backyard of blooming beauties. You can even walk the extra mile and incorporate grass block pavers around your pool as a step closer to nature.

Over-The-Top Landscaping

Build landscaping fit for a king and queen by surrounding your swimming pool with luxurious waterfalls, immaculate sculptures, and precious greenery for the upcoming summer weather. You might want to take a look into Mediterranean landscaping if you’re interested in a luxury resort-style swimming area. Picture yourself starting each day at the spa – who wouldn’t want that? Take things to the next level by including fountains and waterfalls to your outdoor swimming pool for a full-on vacation retreat moment. You can build the backyard you deserve, fit for royalty.

Pick The Right Landscaping For Your Luscious Pool

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the landscaping of your property and home. Design, decorate, and build the backyard of your dreams just with a few extra steps. There is no backyard too small or big that can’t handle the landscaping that you prefer. Whether you favor sleek greenery, a tropical theme, or fit for a king landscaping, your backyard will look incredible. Contact Shoreline Pools at (203) 357-1544 to begin the construction and landscaping of your dream backyard today! Furthermore, make sure to subscribe to Shoreline Pools on HOUZZ for more backyard landscaping inspiration.

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