Installing an Outdoor Shower by Your Luxury Swimming Pool

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Whether you want a place to rinse off quickly after a dip in the pool or a spot for a more luxurious bathing experience, installing an outdoor shower by the swimming pool area has become a popular trend.  Design experts often suggest blending these showers with the rest of the home, and the pool area often is the perfect spot for this addition to your outdoor space, particularly if you have already situated your pool to take advantage of beautiful views.

Blend with the Natural Surroundings and Architectural Details

Outdoor showers look the best when they fit with their natural surroundings and the architectural details of the home.  Stone walls and other features can help the shower to blend in with the landscape and make it seems like a natural extension, and plantings around the area can be used for this purpose as well.  When selecting finishes for a shower head, hooks, and other hardware, those that match the finish of outdoor lanterns and lighting elements are a good option that helps to integrate the spaces.

While glass walls are not a design choice that will appeal to every homeowner, disappearing doors on certain sections of a shower area can further take advantage of a gorgeous view and let in natural light.  If the property has natural privacy barriers such as a rock wall or is located in a secluded spot, privacy is still possible to maintain.

Select the Proper Flooring

Standing in muddy grass or anything with a slimy texture is not part of an ideal showering experience.  Stone, wood, and other materials should be slip and water resistant, with stone being a good choice as it warms in the sun.  If you are considering wood flooring, pressure treated types should be avoided, but varieties such as cedar and mahogany work well as they stand up to extreme weather and resist decay.

Plan for Proper Drainage

The drainage requirements of each property differ, with ground that has slow drainage generally needing more elaborate systems.  Shampoo and soap residue can harm plants and clog some systems; therefore it is important to check local codes for building and drainage restrictions.  Since the addition of an outdoor shower will put an additional strain on your hot water system, it is worthwhile to have a professional assess whether your system needs to be updated.

Incorporate Lighting into Your Design

While a daytime shower will benefit from the natural light that is present, a rinse later in the day or at night can become very dark if lighting is not incorporated into your design.  Select lighting that matches the style of the rest of the home as matching finishes help to marry the spaces and create a cohesive look.

Provide Places for Towels and Products

Since you won’t want to leave to find a towel, it is a good idea to install a hook inside the shower area.  Having shelves or wall niches for shampoo and soap also helps to keep everything close at hand.

With some careful planning, an outdoor shower can offer a luxury experience that takes advantage of natural light and property views while offering the amenities generally found inside your home.

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