The Best Swimming Pools for Small Backyards

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During the blistering summer, many families enjoy splashing around in their pool. For homeowners with small backyards, investing in a swimming pool might seem pointless. Fear not as homeowners can still enjoy a pool no matter their backyard size. After all, the size of your backyard should not limit your desires for a swimming pool. For homeowners with limited backyard space, you can still enjoy a luxury swimming pool.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining a small pool may actually be more affordable than a large one. Due to its size, the pool does not need excessive chemicals and cleaners. Shocking the pool, testing the pH and calcium levels, and ensuring your pumps and filters run smoothly still remains vital. In regards to heating the pools, homeowners can expect a dramatic decrease in their heating bill. Finally, homeowners with small pools spend between $300 and $550 per month. This cost includes chemicals, testing kits, and operating their heating systems.


Due to its size, small pools can easily lack aesthetics value. To maximize the appearance of your pool, try incorporating specialty features. Entering a small pool can be dangerous due to its small size; thus, you can add an elegant entryway. Install stone steps on each side of the pool that leads to a raised lounging area. Installing LED multicolored lights within the pool will enhance nighttime entertainment. If you plan on installing your pool in the corner of the backyard, consider a lush landscaping. The right plantings can add both shade and intimacy for a pool. Consider planting evergreen elms and ash trees around your pool.

Size and Shape

The size of small pools permits more relaxation time. Small pools’ dimensions are usually 9 feet in length by 5 feet in width or less than 600 square feet. Homeowners enjoy their pool depending on the pool’s shape. If your small pool is in a lap design, you will be able to swim frequently. For small circular, clover, and kidney shaped pools, relaxing and unwinding are common. These pools are no more than 5 feet deep and meant for non-exercising purposes.


Regardless of the size, a pool can increase the value of your home. Small pools installments follow the same procedure as larger ones, but with less time and labor. Small pools installments could take a little as a month and a half, as opposed to 3 months for a large-scale pool. Pools are best installed between the months of March and April to be ready for the summer. Installations for small pools range between $12,000 and $18,000.

Concrete and cement decking surrounding your pool require little maintenance. Cement can eliminate debris, dirt, and rocks near the water, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to clean your pool. Pool owners can expect to pay $70 per cubic yard. The sealant in concrete decking will protect your pool from chlorine, which can cause discoloration.

Are Small Pools Right for Me?

Small pools add entertainment to your yard space. A limited amount of space should not stop you from investing. Smaller pools are eco-friendly, good in price, and easy to manage. They consume less energy and chemicals, require less water, and can reduce energy and maintenance bills. Using a combination of stone and decorative ceramic tile accents will add to the beauty of your small pool. If you’re considering a small pool installation, contact Shoreline Pools today.

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