Glass Tile Trends

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If you’re looking to increase your pool’s function an aesthetic value, then look no further than glass tiles. Commonly known to create a work of art within swimming pools, this tile material provides function and aesthetic value. You can arrange glass tiles in different ways to create a magnificent, artistic display in your luxury pool. These tiles can last a lifetime and surpass ceramic and porcelain tiles as the most durable of all swimming pool surfaces.

Popular Styles

Glass tiles come in a wide array of colors, sizes, styles and sizes. The swimming pool is the centerpiece in every backyard, so make yours stand out with a distinctive glass tile element. Whether you use glass tiles in your pool’s tile line, interior surface, coping or decking, they will immediately create an elegant and sophisticated look. Whichever style you choose, your design should be a reflection of your style and your personality.

Clear Glass Tiles

Many consider clear glass tiles to be one of the most beautiful types of tile. The tile is completely clear with a solid colored backing that gives the tile its color. The backing gives glass tiles their sparkly and shiny appearance, as well as a depth that you cannot obtain with opaque tiles. This type of glass tile shines areas that receive a lot of light.

Opaque Glass Tiles

Opaque glass tiles come in many different colors including those with a frosted or pearlescent appearance. You can place these tiles in any location without fear that coloring variations will appear after installation. Although not as reflective as clear glass tiles, opaque tiles have their own type of beauty. They don’t show dirt or water deposits as easily as clear glass tiles, which many people prefer from a maintenance standpoint. They are also available in various textures and finishes, which can add visual interest to the tile surface.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

Mosaic glass tiles offer an elegant style that will give your pool lavish beauty. Keep in mind that mosaic glass tiles are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew. They tend to show dirt very easily so you will always know when it’s time to clean. Since mosaic glass tiles are resistant to chemical damage and they are not porous, homeowners do not have to worry about algae or bacteria sinking into the tile. The darkest mosaic glass tile tends to reflect light, rather than absorb it. This can make the mosaic pieces seem to glow with a luminous radiance that is not found in any other flooring material. Finally, mosaic glass tile are durable and resistant to cracking caused by heavy force or weather conditions.

How to Install the Product

Glass tiles installed in a swimming pool continue to grow in popularity. Homeowners should consider having their glass tiles installed between May and September to avoid interruption form inclement weather. Glass tiles offer advantages to a pool’s design. For instance, they won’t warp or fade, and require much less maintenance than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Glass tiles require a few important steps for installation.

  1. Drain your pool and allow it to dry so no moisture is present.
  2. Begin filling in the desired area with hydraulic cement and leave it to dry for seven days.
  3. Apply a coating of elastic rubber and let it dry for six days.
  4. Glass tiles are then mixed with an adhesive and placed on the elastic rubber base.
  5. Scrub and wash your tiles to remove excessive residue.
  6. Apply caulk in the area between each tile, leaving the surface to dry. Drying can take up to 20 days and you cannot fill the pool until then.

The best times to install glass tiles are during the spring and summer months. Temperatures should remain above 50 degrees so that glass tiles dry properly. Remember, glass tile installation requires experienced workers because they can crack and chip, especially when exposed to rapid changing temperatures. Finally, always check your glass tiles for brittle materials, as they will be will be susceptible to failure.


The cost of glass tiles depends on the style of the tile and the complexity of the installation. Homeowners should expect to spend between $150 to $275 or more per square for tiles. Overall, installations begin at around $110,000 for luxury pools. Glass is more susceptible to chipping; therefore, you must hand cut the material.

Install Glass Tiles Today!

Most pool owners use glass tiles in the pool’s interior surface and tile line. When applied to these areas, glass tiles give your pool a finer finish. You can pair your glass tiles with granite to create a beautiful decking. Glass tiles add immense beauty while improving the visual aesthetic of your pool, and its value. For homeowners in New York and Connecticut, contact a Shoreline pools professional to install glass tile in your luxury swimming pool today.

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