Top Pool Games For Your Family

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You’ve installed the perfect pool and your dream backyard has finally become a reality. It’s time to start enjoying the newest addition to your home. What better way to do so than with pool games the entire family will love? As a matter of fact, extend the invitation to your aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and beyond! The more the merrier!


A classic! This game calls for at least four players, but more are welcome. Players pair off into two groups of two. Often times the parents, or the larger and stronger individuals, will hoist the little ones on their shoulders. On the count of three, the opponents charge each other and the hoisted kids battle one another as the parents provide a strong base. This game is best for families with large pools with ample space to maximize safety.

Marco Polo

This age-old pool game offers timeless fun, whether you’re 5, 15, or 50 years old. It’s just like hide-and-seek plus tag, however the seeker must keep his or her eyes closed while searching for and tagging others. The seeker says “Marco,” while the players say “Polo” to guide him or her towards their voices. The first Polo that Marco touches becomes the new Marco.

Dive for Treasure

What you need: anything that sinks. There are pool toys made specifically for treasure diving, but at-home objects such as quarters will suffice. Grab your goggles because you’re going diving. Throw as many objects into the water as you wish and race your friends and family to see who can gather the most. Ready for some night swimming? Use glow sticks as treasures!

Pool Volleyball

If the width of your pool is permitting, purchasing a volleyball net is a fantastic idea. Available online and easily installed, there are few excuses for you not to get one. A friendly, yet competitive volleyball tournament can bring the entire family together. Want to make it interesting and raise the stakes? Place bets!

Sharks and Minnows

During this game, one person is singled out as the shark and the others are minnows. The shark stands on the ledge with his or her back towards the pool. The minnows remain in the water and may begin to swim towards the other side of the pool, hoping that the shark doesn’t jump in and tag them. If the shark tags a minnow before touching the wall, that minnow becomes the new shark and the cycle continues.

Now that you are equipped with family-friendly pool games, you can invite guests over for the ultimate pool party bash. From a rowdy game of chicken to a competitive volleyball tournament, you and your family have a fun summer ahead of you! Don’t forget to follow us on HOUZZ for extra inspiration you can incorporate into your backyard space.

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