Unique Glass Tile Designs for Your Pool

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When planning a luxury swimming pool, homeowners are interested in ways to make their pool unique.  Incorporating glass tile is one of the best ways to enhance the visual appeal of your pool, and with so many options available, there are virtually limitless ways to customize your design.

Glass Tile for the Pool Interior

The interior of a swimming pool offers a large canvas that can be tailored to your design preferences.  Due to the reflective nature of glass and water, tiles installed throughout the entire pool can create a stunning effect.  This beautiful interior finish can elevate the look of your swimming area and allow you to take advantage of the ever-changing play of light, water, and glass.

Typically glass tiles are smaller than their ceramic or stone counterparts.  Often measuring less than 2 inches, what they lack in size they make up for in color and transparency options, offering a major design advantage.

As long as they are installed properly and maintained well, glass tiles have the potential to last forever.  The key is to buy high quality tile from a reputable manufacturer – one that tests its products for resistance to thermal shock and stress.  Once you are confident that you have selected the proper tile, installation is the next step in maximizing the life span of your pool interior.  Since glass tile is more difficult to install than ceramic and many other types, it is important to work with a contractor who has experience with this type of installation.

Highlighting Pool Features with Glass Tile

For pool owners who are looking for ways to accent their pool, it is possible to incorporate glass tile into your design without using it for the entire pool interior.  When used near the waterline, glass is in the perfect position to reflect light coming from the sun as well as light that bounces off the water’s surface.  This interplay can create a mesmerizing effect that is quite beautiful.

Using glass tile on the edges of pool steps raises its use from pure design to safety feature.  Because of the reflective nature of the tile, swimmers easily can see each step when they enter or exit the pool.

Another area where tile can create a dramatic effect is the surface of water features.  Glass can draw the eye to a water fountain or water wall, making these luxury features even more impressive.  Homeowners seeking to add a tile mosaic to their backyard pool area may find that the water feature is the ideal spot for this type of intricate tile work.  As water flows over the glass tile, it creates a shimmering effect that can captivate you and your guests.  Tiles can be arranged in geometric or random patterns or installed to create a design of your choosing.

Beyond the main swimming pool area, glass tile can be installed to add a unique look to a raised spa.  Already a focal area, the spa can be enhanced further by adding a shimmering exterior.

Since glass tile is resistant to corrosion and other forms of damage, it is a durable and functional choice for the pool area.  During your design process, make sure to work with an installer who has experience working with this material.  Proper planning and installation will ensure that your pool interior and accent areas remain beautiful for years to come.

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