How to Choose the Best Pool Cleaners

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Whether you’re new to pool ownership or had a pool for years, investing in a pool cleaner will keep your pool sparkling and debris-free all summer long. Pool owners have a wide range of different cleaners to choose from, which can become overwhelming, especially for newly constructed pools.

Don’t worry! The experts at Shoreline Pools broke down the different types of pool cleaners you should buy based on your personal pool needs.

Manual Pool Cleaners

Manual pool cleaners are exactly how they sound – simple handheld pieces that attach to a skimmer or garden hose and manually clean the pool’s surface. Many pool supply stores sell poles, skimmers, nets, and hooks. You can also buy pool vacuum heads that attach to poles, vacuum hoses, and a skim vac (also known as a vacuum plate) to rid algae lingering at the bottom of your pool.

While time-consuming, cleaning your pool manually can be a good opportunity for children to take on chores, or for pool owners themselves to enjoy the outdoors and take personal time caring for their pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners, compared to manual cleaners, are the best choice for people who value low-maintenance cleaning. Like a Roomba for your floor, robotic pool cleaners have electric motors, pumps, and filters. Robotic pool cleaners scurry around the entirety of your pool and shut off automatically.

They can do so because of their small computer chip that learns the shape of your pool. However, robotic pool cleaners fall on the expensive side. Furthermore, the electric cord that connects the cleaner to power can sometimes limit the movement and debris-catching capability.

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners act as a moving pool drain. They operate by the suction that already exists in your pool, as opposed to the motor that robotic pool cleaners use. Suction vacuums attach to skimmers and scrub the pool’s floors as it moves. As opposed to a robotic cleaner, suction cleaners pass water through your hose and use your pool’s filtration system instead of having its own filter. These cleaners are more economical and cost-efficient but require more cleaning after the debris builds up in the suction’s skimmer basket.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

There are two types of pressure cleaners: one that uses your pool’s pump, and one that requires a separate booster pump to run. They both function the same, despite which pump you choose. Pressure cleaners work similarly to suction cleaners in that they both use your pool’s existing water features to move. In this case, though, pressure cleaners use your pool’s pressure to propel the cleaner around, collecting the debris into a bag. These cleaners have a long life and rarely get clogged but are more expensive than suction cleaners and are a bit more difficult to set up and maintain.

Other Considerations for Pool Cleaners

Besides price and maintenance preference, there are some other things to consider when choosing the pool cleaner for you. First, how big is your pool? Certain cleaners may not reach all the surfaces of a larger pool if they cannot scale walls and stairs. So, make sure your robotic cleaner’s electric cord is long enough, or that the hose attached to your suction or pressure cleaner is long enough. Second, what type of pool finish do you have?

Most cleaners today can handle any pool finish, but certain cleaners are only compatible with certain finishes. For example, Inyo Pools recommends a robotic cleaner that includes super-grip PVA brushes for fiberglass tile finishes. Third, what area of your pool are you trying to clean – just the surface of the water or the floor? Different cleaners are experts at cleaning different areas.

No matter which pool cleaner you choose, Shoreline Pools can help you make an informed decision. We also offer professional pool maintenance services, which have many benefits. Dial (203) 357-1544 to connect with a qualified Shoreline Pools account manager and keep your pool clean all season long.

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