Going Green: The Eco-Friendly Pool Restoration

A new generation of purification systems, pumps and filters, automated controls and other technologies are making today’s swimming pools energy efficient and eco-friendly. Going green can be part of any pool restoration, with solutions from Shoreline Pools that lower energy, cleaning, and maintenance costs, while minimizing the pool’s environmental impact. We’ve modernized pools with green technology solutions in backyards throughout the New York tri-state region in towns including Elmsford, Irvington, and New Rochelle. Your Shoreline Pools consultant can advise you on the many swimming pool restoration options for updating your pool in a stylish green.

Salt Sterilization Systems

Salt sterilization systems eliminate the harsh chlorine that can harm hair, bathing suits and the environment. These systems convert salt to chlorine naturally. Pool water feels like bathwater. And High-efficiency pool heater pumps and filters can save energy, conserve water, reduce noise and minimize maintenance. Variable speed pumps can typically cut swimming pool energy use by as much as 90% and save well over $1,000 in annual utility costs.

Automated Pool Controls

Automated pool controls and automatic pool covers can offset rising utility costs with efficient, automatic and synchronized scheduling of equipment operations. Automation facilitates proper equipment performance and minimizes maintenance problems. And to minimize costs to the environment, low NOx emissions pool heaters emit the lowest level of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), the primary contributors to smog and acid rain. Additionally, covers keep pools cleaner and safer while reducing heat loss, keeping pool water comfortably warm and minimizing swimming pool heater usage. They may even extend your swimming season.

Automatic Pool Covers

Pool restorations are great opportunities to incorporate green technologies that simplify pool care. Automatic pool covers, operated by hassle free remote controls, save both energy and maintenance costs in heated pools and keep pools cleaner and safer. By reducing heat loss, swimming pool covers minimize pool heater usage, cutting costs of eventual equipment replacement as well as utility bills.

Pool Care

Keep your swimming pool operating at its best after restoration with Shoreline Pools’ eco-friendly pool care. Save money on energy and pool maintenance while helping protect the environment.
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From one client

I can honestly say that you actually surpassed our highest expectations. Every aspect of the pool construction was seamless. The pool came in on time and on budget and is absolutely beautiful.
— Russell M.

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